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    LBZ: ISO: BD intercooler to EGR/cold side coupler

    Just as the title says, I desperately need the billet coupler that BD sends out with the intercooler, for to connect to the OEM cold side/EGR valve...Russ is putting me together a smog legal truck and this connection is a PIHA IF ANYONE HAS THIS COUPLER AND IS WILLING TO SELL IT AND SHIP IT OUT...
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    LBZ: WTB- built engine

    Anyone out there have a LBZ for sale? At a minimum I'd be looking for one with billet rods and cut 7's? Let me know, I kinda need it TOMORROW!
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    Help! SOS, I need a tow!

    Long story short, I'm on the side of I-5 with my handicapped daughter in California, just south of Mercy Springs Rd, in Los Banos. Any one know a tow truck guy? And anyone want to help me swap an engine? Because my crank just broke... Cruise set at 78, then out of nowhere the tach started...
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    Happy "kill 46 million turkeys" day

    :roflmao: Is it sadistic to laugh at this? Maybe it's such an absurd number my knee jerk reaction is to laugh...I dunno, maybe I should be disturbed that I laughed? Seriously, 46 million turkeys...! That's seems like It'd be turkey genocide, like, every year! Lol...
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    So...what's your K-5 child learning in school?

    This is what the gov't is trying to and actually succeeding @ implementing into our public school curriculum (I provide a link below) As early as kindergarten... Really? Teaching 5yo kids about intercourse? Graphic understanding of Body parts and the basics I suppose you could say of "sex...
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    Upper thermostat housing forward bolt ???

    What is the purpose of the bolt at the front top of the thermostat housing? I'm not sure if it's there on other D-max engines, but on the LBZ the bolt at the front and top of the housing there's a bolt that doesn't hold anything, it threads into the cavity of the thermostat and that's it? I've...
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    HELP: Eliminating hard fuel lines

    I put this in hard parts under LBZ, cuz thats what I'm working on... If there's a better section please move the thread! :) So, I'm looking to change out the hard fuel lines and just go straight from my AD2 to the CP3 and I'd like to know if anyone's used one of the FASS kits to make this...
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    Any "pro tips" for stripping waxy crap off the frame

    Did a couple quick searches and found little tie bits of what I'm looking for, but I'm looking for some ideas/steps some of you guys have used to strip the waxy crap GM uses to "protect" the frame. Once it's clean and bare I will be painting it with POR-15. POR has "prep and paint" kits and...
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    Seen it 100 times on the net, who's truck is this? It's pretty friggin fast... [email protected] :thumb:
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    Is this bearing shot?

    So this bearing feels smooth, but it looks like it's worn to me? The crank looks great tho. I've only removed this one. Also, should plasti gauge all the bearings or can I gauge all of them off one or two? Or is it more important to plasti gauge the mains? Damn I'm such a newb, I'm totally...
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    Do these cylinders look "normal" to you?

    Hey guys- I'm trying to gauge this used engines condition, please give your opinion! These pics are labeled/numbered by the cylinder's actual true position as it would be called by the book, not in the order you'd see them when just looking at the block Cylinder #1 Cylinder #2...
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    what's the consensus on PPE's built short block?

    Does anyone have an opinion, experience or information they could share about PPE's short block? Like, how much abuse/power it can take, longevity, quality of the build, etc. I'm contemplating buying one just to get this done, I NEED to get this truck running ASAP! We finally did it, we...
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    Wanted: Connecting Rod and bearing specifications

    So, it's time for me to proceed with this, it's time to pull the engine out of the bay, strip it down and build it up with some performance parts and go for "not broke" lol I've got a good plan of the parts I will be utilizing for my build... And a goal to hit 750 on this VGT72 as a single, and...
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    2015 2.8l Duramax TrailBlazer???

    Can anybody out there verify this? I think it'd be a cool rig, I also think GM made a huge mistake giving the TB the axe when it was one of the best selling mid-sized SUV's ever made/sold. People love these things and I sure do love my TBSS! EFI-Live tuned 2.8 D-max TB, yeah man...
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    Help: Hotshot transport/vehicle transport

    Just a feeler for any members that are in the business of vehicle pickup and delivery I am looking to purchase a rig that's out of state. There are three I'm looking at. One is in Virginia, one in North Carolina and one in Ohio. I would need one of any of them delivered to Seattle Washington...
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    Anyone have experience w/SS trailblazers???

    Found a few in my area that look and drive pretty nice. I was looking at other rigs that were much more money, but this rig just fits, I like it. Before I jump into something, I figured I would ask y'all what you thought of them, if anyone had tuned or built one, and things to watch out for...
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    Norwegian ingenuity....non D-max...:)

    So, as some of you know, I have a handicapped daughter, a Rett Angel. One of the things she looks forward to is walks, and going to the park. Naturally as she gets bigger, we struggle to find things to accommodate her needs, like strollers.... There are options out there for handicapped...
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    Who is running AF (alternate firing) order cams, and for how long?

    Just a feedback thread about the alternate firing order cams, who's running them, at what power level, for how long.... I'll be having a SoCal 6480 AF cam installed in my upcoming build and I know there are several others who will be doing the same, with many more watching and waiting, so I...
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    Info wanted: how many miles on your ovals, what do you think?

    :D So how many miles do you have on your oval bowl pistons? And how do you like them thus far, fuel mileage, oil consumption, sound of the engine etc etc.... I'm looking into using the oval bowl pistons in my build, the only thing I am really all that worried about is, I drive my truck allot...
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    What's the best mudflaps??? What are you using?

    Alrighty guys, I've been pulled over and warned to get some mudflaps on the truck which seems ridiculous to me cuz My truck is not even lifted all that much and the tires aren't even a full 12.5" wide:confused: Whatevs, the po are always looking to enforce their authority around here, in anyway...