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  1. devzw3

    Battling P0101 on LMM

    Hello all and good morning, I recently just bought a 2007.5 LMM and I’m having an issue with P0101 (MAF performance) coming on nonstop. Clear it, drive for 15 min, back on. The truck is DPF and CAT deleted, has the EGR still installed but is tuned off. I also unplugged it yesterday to see if I...
  2. devzw3

    New to the Duramax Club

    Hey all! Just picked up a very clean 07.5 CC/SB 4x4! Came from the Cummins world (2000 5.9, 2018 6.7) and had a 6blow ford for a couple months (don't ask lol). Loving the new-to-me truck so far! Only have 95k miles at the moment. Some upgrades include CST 6-8" lift, Deaver rear leafs...