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  1. TheGryme

    Turbo and EG temps at shut down?

    I'm running a Edge CTS2 tuner with a EGT sensor. What is a good EGT temp to get to at shut down after a long drive pulling a 5th wheel toy hauler? Thanks.
  2. TheGryme

    Hood Paint Peeling Off?

    My White 07's hood has the factory paint coming off......mainly on the passenger side. Starting right about where the hood mount is and going forward towards the front...... I've seen a couple of other 2500's about the same year (06 & 07) with much worse peelage in the same general spot. Is...
  3. TheGryme

    Range Selection Mode......Not Working (or inhibited?)

    Hi All, A few weeks ago my truck started having the DTC U0101 Lost Communication With Transmission Control Module (TCM). After a bunch of research and trouble shooting I decided the TCM needed replacing. This did get rid of that DTC/ MIL.....mostly. I noticed yesterday the the trucks Range...
  4. TheGryme

    Today's second question, Auto Dimming Mirror

    Is there a test to see if my stock auto dimming mirror is actually working? At night I can't tell if it is dimming at all. The compass and Temp. read out work as well as the power and on-star buttons. Again, TIA!
  5. TheGryme

    Temp.Control Adjustment?

    Does anyone know if the dual temperature controls are temperature adjustable? I have to set mine to 90 degrees to be warm. I know it's really about 78 degrees...but that's what the digital readout says. TIA!
  6. TheGryme

    Waste Gate?

    Since I'm relatively new to owning a turbo'd diesel, I have a question. Does the LBZ have a waste gate on it somewhere? My only experience with turbos is from years ago when I worked at a shop that installed turbos on gas trucks and big RV's. They used waste did the race vehicles I...
  7. TheGryme

    u0101 code and Edge CTS2 not working.......!

    This sucks..... I put the CTS2 programmer in my truck about 3 months ago. It is bad ass! My mileage went up to 15 from 12.5! Anyways.....a few weeks ago I started getting a check engine light (U0101) in the mornings....especially when it was really cold (in the 20's) I could clear the U0101 and...
  8. TheGryme

    2007 Silverado 2500 HD Duramax throwing a Code U01 in the morning when it's "Really Cold".

    I live in the SoCal mountains at about 5000 feet elevation. The last 2 mornings it has been in the 20's when I leave for work. Both days my truck has had a U01; Lost communication with TCM error upon startup. I clear it via my Edge Diesel Programmer and it's fine. Any ideas on what this might...