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  1. captnduramax

    Need stock fuel rail valve in las vegas

    Need a stock fuel valve in las vegas for my truck if anyone has that i can buy or if its extra i would appreciate it. need asap so i can change out. thanks for any help Capt
  2. captnduramax

    I think it my motor gave up the Ghost

    Fri night was headed to our favorit getaway .. (Dumont) .. towing my 5er.. Came to the steepest hill on the way there.. Lost power.... hmmm i thought... that was wierd...put it in 1st and built it back up....2nd.. ok feels good.. shift into drive.. again lost power.... look at EGT's and they are...
  3. captnduramax

    Lift pump relay #?

    Anyone know what the relay # is for the lift pump supplied by PPE or McRat? I think mine went out (no power to the pump). Can I get it at Checker or Pep boys? thanks Capt
  4. captnduramax

    Stolen Trailer, Sandrail in Vegas If you see it call. Trailer would be easy to spot it has a off white a/c on it and a awning that runs the length of the passenger side to the door Would appreciate any help
  5. captnduramax

    Porting 101 for NOOBS

    Sorry Kat if this is a repost or is in the wrong place...just couldnt figure out which are fit best Who wants to try this 1st? Post your results:rofl: borrowed from another site lol Capt
  6. captnduramax

    P1093 code Here's a log

    I keep getting a P1093 code. I have a fuel rail from PPE installed with the valve that came with it. I also just added a PPE lift pump. Installed below the drivers door under drivers seat, on frame. I am still getting a 1093 code soo what did I mess up. Is the pump to far from th tank? I will...
  7. captnduramax

    5 day countdown

    I say we hit 1,000 members in 5 days or sooner..... anyone else care to take a guess?.. As for the haters:loser: lol more members = more post = more info. Man I was on here earlier...go watch a movie and get back on here...hit new posts and wham 2 pages of new posts :hug: wow is all I can...
  8. captnduramax

    A true story about a man and his toilet troubles

    A friend sent me this... A true story about a man and his toilet troubles Now, I know that there is a lot of embellishment that occurs on this group and I am aware that a small number of things are perhaps sheer fabrication, but I have a story to tell that is the absolute truth...
  9. captnduramax

    Neens @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway 5-3-08

    Had a chance to take the kids out to the track today and also meet Neens...great Guy and all his friends and father. he ran a great run and I will guess maybe a little better later today. I had to leave early but was able to get some pics and a few videos. Videos take awhile so here is his and I...
  10. captnduramax

    Gas Tank Calibration

    Is there anyway to copy and paste the calibration into the EFI Live or doe each line need to be put in manually? I try to copy and past but doesnt work. I have a guy that needs his tank resized and I dont want to spend 1/2 hr adding it into his map. thanks for the help and here is the tank...
  11. captnduramax

    Question with the dash display

    Is it possible for the digital display on the dash to be off(and I mean way off ) on MPG? My dash says 21.5 but I am going to guess that when i hand calc it its going to be .... 12 to 13 MPG. If the dash is that far off is it possible to re calibrate it? Cluster was just put in from GMC (5th...
  12. captnduramax

    P1093 code keeps coming up

    DTC P1093 Fuel Rail Pressure Low During Power Enrichment Last week after I loaded up my 5th wheel I changed tunes from a mileage tune to my stocker tune. Made it out of the drriveway and engine lost all power and I couldnt go faster than about 23 mph. Changed tunes to 1 Simon send ahile back...
  13. captnduramax

    DIY topic with pics of the DSP5 install???

    Anyone have pics and instructions on this? I want to hook mine up just not sure what is what and where.. Trust me if there is a way to burn something up I will find it in less than 5 min. lol So maybe...Instruction with pics and a step by step load and reboot procedure? Or did I miss it...
  14. captnduramax

    loss of power with the push of the pedal

    push the gas pedal to fast and it hesitates and spits and sputters. take of real slow its ok but cant push the pedal past 1/3 or it hesitates again. if i floor it .. then it wont shift out of whatever gear it is in and thisck smoke comes out. this thing bucks like a bronco trying to get going if...
  15. captnduramax

    in theory

    does adding fuel lower egt's in the dmax with the unburned fuel? is that possible or am i missing and way out there? thanks Capt
  16. captnduramax

    12 sec videos

    any videos in the 12's youtube or where ? duramax plz Capt
  17. captnduramax

    computer and efi not talking

    i have installed the drivers into the laptop but for some reason it will not see it when i connect the usb cable but efi is seing the info on the truck. when i plug in the usb cable it dings (noise) on my laptop to tell me its plugged in but when i go to read ecm its not found says it cant...