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  1. BombDocDiesel

    Allison 5sp: P0748 and can't find the problem

    This is kicking my butt. I have pulled the entire harness apart looking for shorts or abrasions. I have also used the DVOM to check each wire from the connectors to the TCM. I pulled the VB over the weekend and checked the internal harness and the solenoids. I had a spare VB laying around...
  2. BombDocDiesel

    LMM: Road Armor Stealth and Reflex Rock Guard on 08 LMM

    I picked these up recently. Raw Road Armor Stealth bumpers. We started with 80 grit to rough them and got rid of any oxidization with a wheel. They have two coats of gray primer with green Scotch in between. It took the better part of two days to prep and prime but it was worth it. They...
  3. BombDocDiesel

    Allison 5sp: Trans Temp Gauge Installation in Chum

    Where would be the best location to tap for Trans Temp? I do not have the HD gauge cluster. Since I am certain I can't just swap in the cluster I need to know where someone would recommend. I was considering the pressure tap next to the spin-on filter but I am concerned about the pressure...
  4. BombDocDiesel

    One piece driveshaft question

    Is it possible to run a one piece driveshaft behind a 2wd Allison? My truck is a 2500 cut to a RC/SB. Would anyone advise doing this? I'm trying to avoid putting a carrier bearing back in the truck now that is shorter and lowered my angles work out well without it.
  5. BombDocDiesel

    Allison Rebuild Main Shaft not seating

    I am almost finished with the rebuild on the Allison. I tracked down all of the balance pistons, bearings, bushings, seals and a new C5 from TKT Sales out of PA. The kit is a Stage 4 from PPE. The pump came from a new pull-out '09 Allison. I am including most of the build up pictures. I...
  6. BombDocDiesel

    09 pump in 02 Allison

    I'm building my 02 Allison and I have a spare 09 Allison. Do I still put any of the full trans-go parts in the 09 pump or housing? The valve body and C1/C2 are done and most of the trans is back together.
  7. BombDocDiesel

    Chum Again

    Well, this has been a while in the making. I finally had to take a month off work so it made sense to get to work on the truck. There are a few parts to the project. Short bed, McGauhy's 4" rear drop, Super Coils front 3700 pound coils, Allison Build, custom drive shaft, ARP studs, 110HP...
  8. BombDocDiesel

    Question: AAM 11.50 codes to order

    I'm trying to get a 11.50" in for Chum. I can not find the codes to give the correct vehicle information to get a '01-'04 2500HD 3.73 w/G80. I understand that G80 part, just trying to get the right code for an 11.50 with 3.73. Thanks
  9. BombDocDiesel

    Long bed to Short bed conversion recommendations

    I am getting ready to start the Chum project. I will be cutting it down to a short bed. I need to know what welder and wire/stick the folks that have done this sort of frame work have used and/or would recommend. I am also somewhat lost when it comes to finding good part numbers for the...
  10. BombDocDiesel

    Desert Diesel National Picture and Video Thread.

    I'll kick this off. Duramax Trucks: Duramax Videos: Max'D Out 9.94 h8aK1sv71DM Extreme Prejudice 10.35 ZAkP03U7dcI...
  11. BombDocDiesel

    Southwest Arizona

    I'm heading to SW Arizona for the next couple of months. Is there anything going on? Can anyone recommend sites or popular places to visit?
  12. BombDocDiesel

    M&p 15-22

    I ordered a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 as soon they were available to order. That was a few months ago. Yesterday I was at the shop looking and noticed there were two sitting there. I was told one was mine. I was handing the owner my debit card to pay for it when he said "Happy Birthday" and...
  13. BombDocDiesel

    TCS Products

    Has anyone used these? Or know anyone that has?
  14. BombDocDiesel

    2008 Chevrolet 2500hd

    BombDocDiesel submitted a new Showcase Item: 2008 Chevrolet 2500hd Read more about this showcase item here...
  15. BombDocDiesel

    Question: Oil Analysis Recommendations

    I'm looking for some help. I have included both my 7,500 and 15,000 mile analysis. I had 15,000 miles on my oil when I pulled the sample. The truck has 21,000 miles total. I was told the Silicon, Iron and Copper are very high. It was suggested that the Silicon being high indicates an air...
  16. BombDocDiesel

    Allison 1000 6 spd to 5 spd

    I picked up a basically new (70 miles) pull-out 1000 6 speed with TCM. I have the Destroked kit with XFC to put an Allison behind my Cummins but that is only good for the 5 speed currently. The plan was to swap out the valve body assembly and TCM from a 5 speed. I know you can swap up to...
  17. BombDocDiesel

    LB7 Starting issue

    A buddy is having problems with his LB7. He just had the injectors replaced. The truck ran fine and he drove it home. It sat over the weekend and when he started it, it only ran for a couple of seconds and died. It would crank but not start after that. A few pumps on the primer and it fired...
  18. BombDocDiesel

    Allison cooling lines

    I'm putting an Allison behind my Cummins ISB. I'm still working out details with the Destroked kit but I have a 271 case and picked up the input to make it work. PI hooked me up with a torque converter. I'm down to keeping the Allison cool. I have a cooler from an LLY. Now I need to...
  19. BombDocDiesel

    Allison behind a Cummins

    I know I know. I just got an odd answer from Suncoast on this. I figure this would be a fitting place to ask. I want to put an Allison behind my Cummins. I sourced the 1000 6 Speed, same as behind my Duramax. I just want to know if it will live behind my 24 Valve. I am not planning to...
  20. BombDocDiesel

    NNBS/LMM Under-hood light

    I'm finally irritated enough at not having a light under there I'm building a kit. I'm rolling a DynaMat hood liner under my hood, which is somewhat reflective. I have the old retractable light from an 88-98 but they look really out of place in the new trucks. Has anyone done it...