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  1. six5creed

    LB7 Airdog lift pump install questions

    I got an Airdog lift pump to put in sometime on my 2003 GMC. I have a couple leaks in the lines at my fuel cooler. 1-Will the cooler be needed when I install the lift pump? 2-Do I run a rubber line from the lift pump to the quick connect connection at the valve cover feeding the injection pump...
  2. six5creed

    4.3 V6 Turbo????

    Anybody done a turbo on a 4.3 V6? I have a 1993 Sonoma I drive to work and run errands with etc. and been thinking about this to wake it up a little, how hard would it be to put a turbo on it?
  3. six5creed

    We all need to be more like kids...

    Matthew 18:3 says "And he said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." NIV Yesterday I got off work early so the wife and I could take our 2 kids to the fair. Our son is 5 and daughter is almost 2. The Bible tells...
  4. six5creed

    Winchester 12 gauge pin

    My dad had a red Winchester 12 gauge pin he wore on his tie when I was a kid, I always loved it. My brother now has it and I have looked for 20+ years for one and have never seen another one. This past week I happened to find one and it's still on the original piece it came on. I ask the man...
  5. six5creed

    Tobacco recall

    Just found out about this tobacco recall and I am sure there are some of you who dip and thought I'd share.
  6. six5creed

    Best way to roast a turkey

    There are many ways to roast a turkey. This seams to be the best & quickest. Probably not the cheapest. Charred on the outside, raw in the middle, just like grandma used to cook em! <iframe src="" allowfullscreen="" width="560" height="315"...
  7. six5creed

    Happy Birthday James! (Chevy1925)

    Happy Birthday! I got you a gift but I left it in the back of my dads van.
  8. six5creed

    Air Bag Help

    I am wanting to put airbags on our 03. Looking for some recommendations and experiences. Our camper is a tag along and weighs around 10K. I get a lot of bouncing when pulling it on the interstate even with the weight distribution hitch on it and hoping bags will help that. Also picking up a...
  9. six5creed

    47 point buck taken in Tennessee

    When thinking of world record bucks Tennessee doesn't come to mind. This fella changed that!
  10. six5creed

    Concealed Carry Holsters

    Anyone here use a ITWB (In the waste band) holster? I've got a 32" waste and borrowed a Galco leather holster from a friend of mine and have a Springfield XDs .45 in it. I can't get it comfortable anywhere I put it. Was wondering if anyone uses any other ITWB holster and how comfortable are...
  11. six5creed

    Pipeline problems on east coast again

    All of us on the east coast are in for higher gas prices.....if you can find it. Pipeline was hit with a trackhoe and exploded.
  12. six5creed

    Towing trailer/weight distrubution

    Pretty cool video about weight distribution. I've had it happen to me within 2 miles of home going under 45MPH hauling a skidsteer, I thought I'm close to home it won't happen to me. Luckily was able to stop before wrecking. Saw a guy in a ditch after leaving an auction once because he had to...
  13. six5creed

    Happy Father's Day guys! Sunday June 19th, 2016

    Happy Father's Day to everyone who's a dad. I been called a lot of things in my life but none of them ever meant what being called dad has. Don't forget to say Happy Father's Day to our Father in Heaven as well! Peace be with you all and I hope Sunday is the best Father's Day ever! For everyone...
  14. six5creed

    For $.1.00 a day you can sponsor.........

    A lifted truck in the front to help these people get the rear lift they need so they aren't looking silly. Remember it's only a dollar a day and these trucks need you.
  15. six5creed

    Jiffy Lube~~4 wheels fall off!!!
  16. six5creed

    What did you do at work today?

    What did you do at work today? I welded these 1" thick plates together (15 total for a combined weight of 2,000+ lbs.). What are they for? I thought you'd never ask! A customer wants to add 2,000 lbs. to the rear of their forklift to stop it from tipping. We told them they need a bigger...
  17. six5creed

    White Face Gauge Overlay LB7

    Ordered my white face gauge overlay kit from and got them installed this morning. I ordered some new dash bulbs and was gonna fix it all at one time but apparently I got the wrong bulbs cause I sortered one in and it didn't work so I will try it again when I get the right bulbs...
  18. six5creed

    Best Hand Cleaners

    What is the best kind of hand cleaner to use when getting grease etc. off? I have tried everything and it usually takes a good scrubbing in the shower to get them clean enough to hold my 6 month old daughter.
  19. six5creed

    Bad parts counter experiences

    Got 2 parts department experiences that come to mind. 1-I had a Powerstroke years ago and went to the Ford dealer in Kernersville, N.C. and there was a lady working there in the parts department. I said I need a price on a clutch, pressure plate and throwout bearing. She said "is it a straight...
  20. six5creed

    Funny funeral things/stories

    My cousin passed away and his funeral was Monday. I was ask to be a pall bearer. His daughter ask us to come eat lunch at the church before the funeral. I walk up to get my wife a piece of pound cake and one of my cousins is getting a piece of pie. He says "this is my favorite pie" I say what...