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  1. CCLB06

    Bad trans Mount???

    Am I crazy or does it look like my transmission is leaning? I had my truck on the rack getting my kryptonite idler support gusset getting welded in when I noticed this. Would it be a bad driver side engine mount or bad transmission mount.
  2. CCLB06

    Anyone had this happen before?

    Having a weird issue with the shift indicator light, it only highlights Park, Neutral and Manual. I also don’t have reverse lights either and sometimes the DIC will say “Range shift inhibited”. I also am getting a P0708 code for Transmission range sensor circuit high. I’ve replaced the TCM with...
  3. CCLB06

    NEED HELP! Having some weird transmission issues

    I have been chasing this issue for awhile now. My range selector light underneath (PRNDM1) will only light up under Park, Nuetral and Manual. Also when this happens I have no reverse lights. It has also intermittently displays range shift inhibited on the DIC, when this happens I shut the truck...