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  1. Leadfoot

    Cummins Killer III

    Anyone know what happened to CK3 the other night? Someone mentioned it tossed a crank. Just wondering if this was true and if anyone knows the new setup? At the power they run NOTHING is indestructible, I'm just curious as it looked like he had the start of an impressive run... Here is the...
  2. Leadfoot

    LBZ: Think my ECM is bricked (any suggestions)

    Failed full flashing a modified McRat tune (removed EGR reporting since the EGR went missing and disabled VATS) and now I can't do anything with the ECM. I try to Full flash several tunes and get the following picture. Have had issues in the past with flashing in the truck (which is where it...
  3. Leadfoot

    Any sites for GM SMALL parts lookup?

    Are there any places online to look up ALL OEM parts for a 2006 GMC 2500HD 4WD CCSB SLE? I have been looking for parts numbers for the following: Front lower shock bolt and nut Rear lower shock bolt and nut Rear upper shock bolt and nut Turbo shield bolt I have found MANY online...
  4. Leadfoot

    L5P interchangeability?

    I know there are a few internal changes (such as the reluctor being placed in the rear) as well as a few external changes (doing away with the second motor mount bosses), but was under the impression that the basic footprint remained the same. Just curious if an L5P shortblock could be swapped...
  5. Leadfoot

    Fuel line routing

    When installing the DHD super high flow low profile bridge on an LBZ GMC do you route the CP3 line in front (towards bumper) or in back of (towards firewall) the bridge. I thought it was in front but it started to kink so I'm routing it behind. Just wondering what others have done or should...
  6. Leadfoot

    LBZ: Turbo Coolant Pipe alterations

    Recently removed my turbo (doing other work) and am thinking of adding some Fingers vanes and an aftermarket wheel, but I was looking at it and wondering if there is anything else I can do while it's out. One thing I noticed is that the coolant pipe makes it tough to remove the y bridge...
  7. Leadfoot

    LBZ: Brake Light Switch wiring pinout

    Looking to get the wiring diagram for the brake light switch. When I replaced the booster with one from a 2011 my brake light switch came apart. I bought a new one (and another replacement), but am still having issues with the park interlock. Sometimes it releases, sometimes it does not. I...
  8. Leadfoot

    Question on cognito UCA's after install.

    I have a Rough Country 4" lift and here is what it looks like after install. At Ride Height:
  9. Leadfoot

    HSP Up-pipe question

    Will the HSP up-pipes work with the MBRP downpipe without having to crush/flatten? I have a full MBRP cool dual exhaust with an MBRP downpipe and my up-pipe bellows just blew. Looking to go aftermarket, but also looking for something that will work with my current setup.
  10. Leadfoot


    I see you have an LB7/LLY water pump listed with tigged impeller, but none for the LBZ. Do you not have one or am I just missing it (I see you have an electric setup for the LBZ but I'm looking for mechanical).
  11. Leadfoot

    Thrown belt and cut wires now no lockup (supposedly)

    My buddy has a friend with an 07 Classic 4WD standard cab 2500HD and had an aftermarket belt tensioner blow on him and the resulting belt slinging did some damage. Along with messing up the fan blades and underhood insulation, it evidently severed some wires. He said he heard a bang, coasted...
  12. Leadfoot

    Question: Russell brake line differences (are there any over the years)?

    I bought a set of Russell line from DMaxstore (great vendor by the way). Unfortunately they are closed and I would like to put these on ASAP if possible and have a question. I did not notice, but on their site they have seperate listings for LB7, LLY, and LBZ I have an 06, but the lines...
  13. Leadfoot

    Anyone use a Winberg crank? Wondering on quality vs cost (or if anyone has even used them) Just looking at options and opinions
  14. Leadfoot

    Question: 1410 vs 1480 yoke differences

    Anyone know if there is a difference in depth of the 1410 Yoke vs 1480 (ie. does it move the center of the u-joint closer/furthur from the pinion). Measuring my existing setup (1410) and going to go with a 1480 setup and want to know if I have to account for any difference?
  15. Leadfoot

    Anyone near Scottsdale AZ

    I'm headed out there for training this week Tue-Sat.
  16. Leadfoot

    Do you have a booth at PRI?

    If so, what is the slot number? My engine builder/landlord is at PRI for the next few days. Was going to have him stop by and chat if you have a space there. He's real easy to spot, about 5'2" and looks like Grizzly Adams :roflmao:
  17. Leadfoot

    Anybody running hydraulic assist (such as Redneck Ram)

    Over the last couple of seasons, I've heard guys having trouble with their steering boxes (blown seals, worn out, etc). I know turning with the locker on in my diesel (or in my welded front axle gasser) on firm ground is an exercise in futility, I can only image what it's like for those that...
  18. Leadfoot

    Help: Need Engine Machining and Tolerance specs from the "builders"

    My friend (who builds many competition motors) works at a shop that just bought additional bobweight and torque plates for Duramax's. The have two motors they are building and are looking for input. I told them I would ask the "community". What are guys using for Piston to wall clearance...
  19. Leadfoot

    LBZ: Intermittent 3 second shutoff

    Ever since I've owned my truck I've had several occasions where the truck will start for 3 seconds (estimated) and die. I immediately restart and it will run for 3 seconds and die. This cycle continues. I will let the truck sit and go out a while later and it fires up fine. I KNOW it has...
  20. Leadfoot

    LBZ: Weird glow plug issue

    My buddy who is a mechanic stated a year or two ago he was seeing alot of Duramax's coming in with rotted fuel/brake lines and glow plugs that are stuck in the head (some breaking off). The liquid ice melter they are using out here is NASTY! That being said, I had a glowplug failure the...