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    reductant quality test

    Gotcha. There is the original and then have have upgraded versions that have more capabilities.
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    reductant quality test

    You wouldn't happen to know which x431 model is was? The prices very greatly between the basic and v or pro models.
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    reductant quality test

    The 431x had the reductant quality test?
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    Uninstalling tunes

    Not true. The Derringer is a piggyback that plugs into the map and fuel sensor and modifies the signal from there. Change settings through the idash.
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    In need of a good LMM DSP5 tune

    Thats not really a realistic option for 99% of deleted trucks. Message some folks on the various forums with similar setups and on YouTube.
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    iDash not displaying option for transmission temp in menu

    Go into settings and vehicle select and set it as L5p and trans temp and your regen options will be added.
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    Bad Transfer Case - Since New - 2019 Chevrolet 3500HD SRW SB

    I think I'm planning on refilling with 0w-20 or 5w-30 when I get a chance. Atf doesn't seem like the optimal choice for that setup.
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    Oil filters

    Donaldson dbl 7483 on the 19.