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    Dash and CTS shutdown?

    I have had a problem that is intermittently occurring. While driving my CTS 2 will shut off or freeze. My dash will do the same and then the idiot light come on. If I turn off the truck and restart the condition"fixes itself". There are no codes. What should I be looking for. Truck specs in...
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    CTS touch screen not working

    I have an Edge CTS that I purchased 2 years ago brand new. It is is my truck listed in my signature. It has recently stopped reacting correctly to touch. For example I want to change my EFI tune and it brings up the fuel pressure gauge to change. I called Edge and was told that they no longer...
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    DID the site get Hacked

    Some very strange thread titles that appear to be web addresses
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    Coolant leak back of engine

    I have a coolant leak on the back side of the engine. It is sometime a 12" puddle other times a couple of drips. I took it into the stealer and they said the backing plate is leaking. I do not understand the construction of these motors but this seems odd. Can anybody please shed some light on...
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    LLY: P0670

    Sorry if this seems dumb. This code, P0670 just popped up. I can clear it with my CTS. It stays gone until I shut off the truck and then comes back up when I start the truck again. My understanding is that the glow plugs assist in warming the combustion chamber for start up and that is pretty...
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    And so it begins

    I hope this is in the correct spot. Mods please move if there is a better location. Just thought I would share this with the all of you.
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    Allison 5sp: Erratic shifting issue

    Every now and then I have an issue shifting out of Park. I really have no idea where to start looking at this. Any suggestions. Truck has stock trans mods as outlined in sig and about 215K miles
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    P0308 and P1244 Intermittent

    I am getting these 2 codes together on a semi consistent basis. They are usually accompanied by excess black smoke and a rough idle. I understand that the P0308 is an issue with injector number 8 but what is P1244 and does it affect that injector. 2005 Silverado, AFE cold air, 4" thru exhaust...
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    FPR in LLY

    What are some signs of an FPR going out? Is desired frp higher than measured frp? Or is it the other way around? Typically how much difference is allowed between desired and actual frp? Thank in advance
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    Great forum

    So I just thought I would put a big THANK YOU out to the forum. Last Friday we were on our way to the lake and about 100 miles from home the CEL goes on and I lose power (doing 80). I have an edge CTS and look at the codes I have a P0207 and a P2146( I think). I often read the form so I have...
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    Couple minor issues

    I have an oil drip underneath where the trans mounts to the engine. This only happens when I park on an incline. Any suggestions where to start looking? Also I have noticed exhaust gas smell coming from the vent in the morning. I shut the heater off no more smell. It is driving me crazy no...
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    Fuel rail pressure

    Ok so I am relatively new to diesel performance. My truck is as listed in my sig. I was curious as the fuel rail pressure. My cts only reads anywhere from 10K to 16K is the most I have seen. I see guys on the forum stating 20k + for their frp. What are the advantages to a higher frp and what...
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    Cruise Control cut out above 90 MPH

    Any idea why the cruise control would kick off above 90 mph?
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    Wont start after unplugging block heater

    I have an LLY 2005 bone stock except 4" diamond eye exhaust. Different truck than my sig. My wife unplugged the block heater this morning and said she heard a pop and smelt something like an electrical burn. She started the truck truck in ran a few seconds then died. It will not restart. It...
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    New lights

    Hope these pics show up as they are the first ones I have posted or at least remember posting. I just installed these headlights. What do you think?
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    Info: Great Vendors

    I just wanted to give an atta boy to 2 site vendors. Lincoln Diesel Specialties and Top Notch Garage Both of them have, IMHO, given superior customer service. I would recommend both of them. THANK YOU !!!!
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    LLY: Set of LLY heads

    I have 1 set of LLY heads valve job and decked ready to go $850 for the pair
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    LLY: 2005 different stock air filters

    Anyone know which of these 2005 stock air filters are different? The square filter is from a 2005 GMC 3500 The round filter is from a 2005 Silervado 2500HD Both are LLY's Which is the better stock set-up?
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    Allison 5sp: 05 lly 135k

    Ok so what can be done with a stock trans with 135K on it without a complete rebuild? I am getting new head gaskets, installing a lift pump, egr blocker and prolly putting a 4" exhaust with muffler on a stock truck with 135k on it. I will be driving daily and towing my boat (6k lbs) and bed will...
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    2005 LLY head gasket advice

    Ok it is time for my 05 to have the head gasket s replaced. The truck is stock. I am not really looking to go over 500hp. What should I do as long as it is apart? I have a lift pump but after that where should I go? EgR delete, pcv reroute planned.