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  1. 1FastBrick

    2004LB7 to 2006 LLY/LBZ Swap Questions

    Ok some of you may have seen the Vats thread I had earlier on a Swap truck I am trying to help someone local with. The swap Is running But I believe it has other electrical issues which is why I am starting a new...
  2. 1FastBrick

    Notice Link Broken

    When you click the link in the Notice Banner it gives an error. I put a red Arrow under the one I am referring to. The Announcement link works and I suspect that may have been the same thing? Sorry James, Just trying to help.
  3. 1FastBrick

    LBZ swap Question about Vats

    Friend has an 04 LB7 That he swapped to an LBZ. He called me saying he couldn't get it to stay running. I knew right away it was VATS. He swaped the entire dash and column along with the engine trans from the doner. I read the tune out changed the enable to disable for VATS reflashed and...
  4. 1FastBrick

    Search feature working?

    When I try and search any thing I get broken link page.
  5. 1FastBrick

    Fleece Performance 2004.5-2007 Duramax PowerFlo In-tank Lift Pump?

    Have you guys seen this yet? It supposedly has a lifetime warranty too. I am just curious. If it fails, will the gerotor style pump block flow leaving you stranded?
  6. 1FastBrick

    Anyone else not receiving email notifications?

    9/2 was the last Email notification I recieved. I have not been getting thread Updates since then. I made sure it's not in junk Email, Checked the Safe sender list and made sure the site was added there and not in the blocked users, I signed in and out a few times, cleared browser...
  7. 1FastBrick

    Let's talk Duramax crate engines

    So I have been trying to do my homework and I see alot of our vendors offer crate engines. Usually a stage 1 or stage 2 type package. I feel I am realistic in my goals and that a stage 1 engine will meet most of those. That being said, I would like to get some opinions on my assessment...
  8. 1FastBrick

    LLY truck to LBZ engine swap question

    I can't find a definite answer on the gas pedal some threads say yes others say no. If I do need it, I need to see If I can get it from the donor truck before it disappears... I have the BT DieselWorks 2004.5-2005 LLY to LBZ conversion harness on order to simplify that part of it and...
  9. 1FastBrick

    Used allison questions

    I was looking for core transmissions and I am not familiar with the allison transmissions. I looked at one that supposedly had a convert seal leak and a slight slip on the 2-3 up shift. I am guessing the C3 is toast? I was told to pull the external filter and look at the magnet. When I...
  10. 1FastBrick

    LBZ: Needs Some help Looking at Used Trucks

    I have been shopping for used trucks and I have looked at a Few. I am new to the diesel world But not this specific year range of trucks. It is amazing at what some of the used car dealers are trying to pass off out there. It's easy to hide stuff in pictures but when you look at a vehicle in...
  11. 1FastBrick

    Looking to make the switch

    New to Diesel but not the GMT800's Currently looking for a LBZ.