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    VGT Remote Oil Feed

    After searching old threads, I still am not sure of oil line size to use for the stock turbo remote feed line. I will have a hydraulic shop make up a new line for me. Do I use -4 or -6 line?
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    Mike L Shift Springs

    I would like to update to these springs as I currently have trans removed from truck and figured now would be the time to do it. Who would I get these from?
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    Factory Frame Wire/hardline clips/brackets

    Does anyone know of where I could get the clips and brackets that hold and locate wiring harness and brake lines to the frame rails? I went kinda crazy with my truck and decided that since the motor was already out and box was off, I may as well remove cab and everything else to sandblast frame...
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    Allison 5sp: Coilver Mounting

    Is it possible to use the sway bar end link mounting hole on the lower control arm of the gmt800 01-10 trucks as a second coilover shock mount location along with the original shock mount to run dual coilovers to be able to have the correct spring rate with 2 shocks instead of 1 shock? Would...
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    Lower Valve rocker boxes

    Are the lly rocker boxes the same as lbz and lmm? Or are they different to the rest. Need a set but want to make sure they are correct if I buy newer models. Sent from my SM-G960W using Tapatalk
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    Injector hold down bolts

    Would anyone happen to know what the mechanical properties of those bolts are by chance? Or ball park the tensile strength? I just had to break both lower valve covers off in pieces due to the bolts being literally seized solid in the lower valve cover bores and all 8 heads twisting off. I...
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    LBZ: Turbo Swap

    Does the LBZ need a retune if swapping in a stock LLY turbo? Just to replace the wore out stocker LBZ?
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    AC system

    What are people doing with regards to the AC system when say removing cab or front core support? I need more room to work on motor so therefore AC condenser rad is in the way. Are they being evac'd or what? Sent from my SM-A500W using Tapatalk
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    Lower valve covers

    Just wondering what if any tricks or tips there are to removing the lower half of the valve covers. I am tearing top end of motor apart and am now at a standstill as the lower covers on both sides are stuck on. All bolts are removed and can't see anything holding them from coming off. Now...
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    Motor stuck

    So I have had my 05 lly in storage for just about 3 years now. Was in process of doing some changes to it then due to buying a house and then married, it was put to side. Just got it back running a week or so ago and now have a potential major issue. Truck was running fine on a few short...
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    LLY: Aux Power feed

    I am in the process of making a small power distribution block that has a few relays and a fuse block. This will be to feed the lift pump and a few other things and keep the wiring clean and simple. What I need is a key on power line that i can use to open the 3 relays at same time. Anyone...
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    Allison 5sp: Pan bolt size

    Anybody have the size and pitch for the pan bolts by chance? need to get some new ones and dont have one with me.
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    LLY: Power steering pump

    I have the power steering pump off my truck due to lines leaking and the reservoir is pretty rotten due to corrosion. I want to replace it but am not sure what to go with in terms of factory replacement or upgraded pump. What PSC pump would be recommended or AGR or a newer model pump? Would...
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    Cant upoload pictures?

    I would like to upload some pictures I have in the what you did at work today thread but it just says upload failed. Im just saving them to my desktop and selecting from that folder in the attachment upload tab. What am i doing wrong??
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    LLY: flywheel housing bolt size?

    need to buy some bolts to be able to mount engine onto engine stand. what size bolts are they thread wise?
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    LLY: Vane Tuning

    I have a modded VGT turbo that I am about to reinstall and was looking for some guidance on where to start in terms of vane positioning. The specs on turbo are TCT comp wheel, 10 blade turbine, ported exhaust housing, and some new vanes that I machined. They are low profile vanes width wise...
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    Body panels

    Where are people getting replacement panels such as rockers and cab corners for the 2001-2007 body style? The dealer near me in Ottawa wants 250$ per side for a cab corner. LMC lists the same thing for 40$. I may jus buy them from states regardless of the exchange rate unless there is a better...
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    3794 powermax

    Just wondering if this turbo has different vanes compared to the lly turbo? Sent from my SM-A500W using Tapatalk
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    LLY: Streetable water to air setup

    Hey so i am in the process of building a water to air for my DD. I know its overkill and whatnot but I have wanted to make one for a while so I am moving along at a slow pace but plan to have it finished by end of the winter. Parts i have are: frozenboost Type 17 w/a exchanger 3.5"...
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    Garrett vgt

    Is the gt37 turbine interchangeable with the gt40? Does the center section differ between both or is it just a larger housing and wheel? Could one swap say the center section and compressor side of a gt37 stock lly onto the turbine side of a gt40? Just curious