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  1. MMLMM

    WTB: Looking for an LB7 ECM

    Looking for a working stock LB7 ECM. I can paypal, venmo, or debit card. Let me know what you have. Shipping to 89431. Thanks!
  2. MMLMM

    Info: Vegas Diesel Meets

    Wanted to let everyone know about Vegas Diesel Meets. A buddy put this together and we meet up 1-2 times a month. Follow the FB page for the best updates and such. We have had a couple meets so far and had a great turnout. First meet was 25+ trucks. Raffles, food vendors, etc at each event. Just...
  3. MMLMM

    I've been known to burn a little tire once in awhile

    New tires last week to boot haha! Enjoy! Up-pipes got a little toasty lmao xnBJnRdikvs
  4. MMLMM

    Pushrods??? New or Old style..(Hole for oiling or not)

    Pros and cons of each Any ideas why the change? discuss...:D
  5. MMLMM

    EFILive EFILive Tuning Class - Las Vegas

    UDP is holding another EFILive Tuning Class here in Las Vegas. We will offer a 2 day class; Day 1 will be Beginner, and day 2 will be advanced. July 14th and 15th in Las Vegas, NV. Beginner - How to use EFILive Hardware and software, Updates, Intro to Duramax tuning, how tune tables...
  6. MMLMM

    first run out on new setup.....

    Newly UDP - 10.50 @ 137.7 Make some more room on the top 50 list. This tRuck has a bunch left in it it.
  7. MMLMM

    LB7: Underground Diesel 75mm/104mm Twin Turbo Engine Build

    Thought I'd share some pics of the engine build in Newlys truck. Engine, Trans, Tuning was all done here in house. We have an awesome crew that worked their butts off to get this done while they had plenty of other stuff to do. Big thanks to our guys Justin Raymer (jraymer), Joe Martinez...
  8. MMLMM

    Im alive

    Had an infection inside my thigh and bottom i didn't know it and kept putting off the sickness I felt thinking it was just minor sick then maybe flu. Went on awhile and even had friends say I was looking sick. I ended up calling 911 early morning and got brought in. I had infection under my...
  9. MMLMM

    Tcase question...what will fit?

    Which tcase will fit in what trucks? I know lmm is a little differnt butwill it work in lb7? If not could simple parts be swapped to work?
  10. MMLMM

    Interseting Trans issue after rebuild 5-speed in an 01

    Truck clunks hard into drive or reverse. When in drive, after a little bit of throttle, it will kick into neutral and bar under D flashes. At first had an E valve stuck code, dropped pan, moved E valve in/out a couple times, closed up and now E valve code is gone but still clunks into geear...
  11. MMLMM

    EFI Beginners Workshop

    Date updated in post. Hey guys, we are going to host an EFI Live Class at our Las Vegas, NV facility. Instructed by Mike Meyer/MMLMM Here is what I have put together so far. EFI Live Beginners Workshop What you will learn: • Reading tune from truck • Use of the tuning tool • Setting up...
  12. MMLMM

    I called it lol.....Verizon/iPhone related

    Hook line sinker... Verizon looses unlimited iphone data. I said it would happen just before the iphone dropped on VZW network..
  13. MMLMM

    Shortbed/reg cab dmax 4-sale (craigslist find) Happen to come across this...
  14. MMLMM

    Anyone have experiance with Belkin routers/static IP and/or rapid eye

    Setting up these cameras at work, and the alarm company (who will momitor cameras when motion is detected) wants me to setup my router with a static IP address. I have a static ip address from provider and I cant get the belkin router to take it. (I have a linksys router I am about to replace it...
  15. MMLMM

    Dan, whats your email..?

    I have something to send. You and the guys at PPE may find interesting....
  16. MMLMM

    Info: Heat Wrap Calculator
  17. MMLMM

    4" tubing needed where to buy...??

    Need some mild steel (thin wall like 0.125") 4" diameter. I am looking for straight, and a couple 90°s. Where you guys get this stuff from cheap? Id at least like to compare prices here local, see if they are in the ball park. kthxbye :)
  18. MMLMM

    Pretty sure I found some land to buy.....AWESOME! Check out the pics
  19. MMLMM

    iPhone @ Verizon....? More likely than you think....

    Hmmm....:dontknow: Interesting things have been said in the last few days ;) Also Special meeting/event by invite only coming up on January 11th..... What do ya think, lots of rumors, but its time for verizon to make a move soon. Verizon is just about ready to start dropping 4g service on...
  20. MMLMM

    LB7: Sputters an dies..Cranks back up...U1000 DTC???

    LB7, EFI tuned, fass150.. truck sputters and dies while driving. Now it cranks over starts and dies again. Lift pump is pumping stock tune, modded tune, and hot tune = no change DTC U1000 often when happens The gauges sometimes dont work, but that has been like that for a long...