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    WTB lbz 250-300% injectors

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    ISO S3/s4 compound kit, twisted pedestal

    Hi, im looking for a S3/s4 kit lbz/lmm. Also need a twisted pedestal i think with the wagler intake Thanks
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    Fastest L5P?

    Hi I know jason from wherli did 11.57 last year. But who's faster now. We hit the track today Ccsb Full weight Envoyé de mon SM-G981W en utilisant Tapatalk
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    Lbz s&s 60% and fleece 10mm

    Hi guys I will have for sale cp3 and injectors. How much worth them? Less then 5000 miles Only change for bigger Thanks Envoyé de mon SM-G981W en utilisant Tapatalk
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    Hi , someone have experience with this turbo setup ? Just looking for a new setup . Probably run with 200% on a lmm engine. I'm towing the fifth wheel 5-10 times by summer, Drag and daily for the rest of time. Looking for 1khp. thanks
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    WTB: Lbz injectors

    Looking for 200 250% Thanks Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
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    Allison 5sp: 1st 1/4 pass

    Hi guys, After many runs on 1/8 in the competition with slop track i was on the 1/4 track today. S475 over stock 10mm cp3 with 60% injectors 4.10 gear Very happy with the results, stock engine Danville tuning :) Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
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    Allison 5sp: Strap problem

    Hi guys i'm running a dual fueler ppe on my triple and the strap is always out of gear after each passes. Someone already had this problem and solved it? How? Does the ats dual could be better? Thanks Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
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    Deleted stabilitrak

    Hello, my friend have a 2015 triple turbo and the stabilitack seem to always engaged in the drag race. Does someone have already bypass by a switch or everything else. THanks
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    launching in 2nd

    Hi , someone here tried to lauchn in 2ng gear ? Any advantage? A friend here are running this setup but with 4.56 ratio. Thanks
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    EGT on track

    I'm running stock engine , What's the highest point i should'nt reach ? Last time on 1/8 miles i got a maximum of 1400, it is good ? thanks
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    Injectors choice

    HI, i'm running a S475 billet over stock, looking to change the cp3 for a 10mm stroker. Wich size of injectors will I go. 60 or 100% over ?? I'm still stock bottom for now and dont plan to build it before next year. Thanks
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    Stack with cutout

    Hi guys, I'm planning to install a stack but i want to keep my line until the back when it's time to tow my fifth wheel. Somebody here are already done something like that? Thanks
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    Cts2 problem with mystyle

    I changed my cys for a cts2 . I came in mystyle to setup my boost sensor. Each time im going in customized devices eas the software mystyle close . I have the latest version and edge told me they never seen this situation Someone can help me? The ct2 itself detect my sensors egt is ok...
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    Compound PSI ??

    Hello, I'm running S475 billet over stock, how much PSI i can expect? I'm running stock fuel on my lmm. THanks
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    LMM: light problem

    Hello, my front and back helper side daylight(flasher light) stop to work at the same time. DOes it have a fuse or relay that control one side at time ? thanks
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    next step

    Hi guys, i just did a S475 over stock on my lmm. I'm stock fuel for now and just want to know if my next step should be add fuel or bigger turbo? thanks
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    Wicked wheel

    Hi guys i.m going with a s475billet over stock on my lmm. Does i can have a plus value to change my stock turbo wheel by a wicked wheel or any billet wheel. Thanks Envoyé de mon LG-H812 en utilisant Tapatalk
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    COmpound S480 or S475

    Does the difference is notifiable ? worth the 350$ more than a S475? I'm only towing a 10 000 lbs fifth wheel and daily driver. thanks
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    LMM Twin or big single

    Hi Guys, i'm looking for a big single or twin on my lmm. I will stay stock fuel for now, only a lift pump. I'm towing a 10 000bs fifth wheel about 10 times a year. I'm driving 25 miles a days for work in a small road at 50mph. Wanna try sled pulling next summer. -Twin with 475...