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  1. NevadaLLY

    LLY Tuning - Built Engine/Compounds

    Having some issues dialing in my tuning for my LLY. It received a complete makeover recently (see sig). It's smoking like crazy and hazy at idle. Some folks on the forum, and I hope they chime in, said 100's weren't hard to tune. I'm using a well known tuner but we aren't getting there after 6...
  2. NevadaLLY

    LLY rear axle - weird wear on edge of gear

    Is this normal? 180k miles. face wear looks ok, but that outer edge looks suspect... what would cause that?
  3. NevadaLLY

    For Sale: LLY parts

    Oil Pump - Stock - good shape, good oil pressure. - $50 CP3 - Stock - good shape, held rail desired rail pressure just fine, had a lift pump keeping it happy $400 Rods - stock - LLY - used, good shape. - $200 Pistons (7) LLY. - $120 Hydroboost assy, good shape, rebuilt - $75 Radiator - stock -...
  4. NevadaLLY

    Valley turbo upgrade - compounds - built engine

    What's the consensus on the valley charger with the S475 in my sig and all associated upgrades? Looking to keep that peppy feel of the VGT and I'm no longer concerned about low end grunt bending rods. I'm leaning toward the 64mm vgt with the 10blade turbine but curious about the 66mm vgt with...
  5. NevadaLLY

    Bolting TQ conv to BD flexplate

    I'm in the middle of the build and looking for advise on using the BD flexplate and a built trans by Mike L. During install, should I use RED or BLUE loctite? I've seen a bit of conflicting info. Yes, red should use heat to remove (I didn't use heat unbolting the converter taking out my trans...
  6. NevadaLLY

    LLY Rebuild - Break in Procedure

    I wanted to kick this over to a new thread from my build thread. What are the recommendations for break in on a built motor? Its going to tow heavy and I've seen recommendations everywhere from tow immediately to load the engine, to don't touch a trailer for 10k. I've also seen recommendations...
  7. NevadaLLY

    LLY - Cracked piston

    Cracked an lly piston on flat ground towing my fifth wheel. EGT’s were 700ish, boost around 12psi. The #7 cylinder was “clean” when I opened it up so assuming injector #7 stuck open and popped the piston. There is some mild scoring on the cylinder wall, can run a fingernail and catch slightly. I...
  8. NevadaLLY

    EFI log reading 18psi while mechanical reads 42psi

    Anyone know why my sensors would only be reading 18psi while mechanical gauge is reading 42psi? Bad MAP? Maybe?
  9. NevadaLLY

    LLY Intercooler - CSF

    Has anyone used these intercoolers? CSF OEM+ or CSF heavy duty?
  10. NevadaLLY

    CK-4 Oil change - Delo 400 Isosyn -LLY

    Just did a complete oil change and also have an aux external oil cooler. I'm now getting some oil pump whine. Anyone had this before? Any issues with the latest oil types?:confused:
  11. NevadaLLY

    LLY twins? Or bigger VGT?

    I’m looking for experience from those that have upgraded the lly turbo or put in twins. What did you see? My use will be 80% heavy towing (20k toy hauler) and I live at 4500ft. All indications point to doing an sdp or hsp twin kit with s475. What did you go with? How were towing egt’s? On...
  12. NevadaLLY

    LLY: Traction Bars recommendation for heavy towing

    Curious if anyone has used traction bars in heavy towing conditions? I don't want to have to adjust the pre-load every time I hook up my 40ft toy hauler. I gross in around 27K Pin weight is about 3K. Air Bags help keep truck level but I do experience some bucking from axle wrap that I'd like to...