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  1. boostwhore

    Slick/Radial setups

    Ok guys I know this has been beat to death but just wanted to see what everyone’s thoughts are on slicks vs radials. Went to order the 30x14 cheaters from M&H and sounds like they are back ordered and didn’t sound overly promising for timeline. John at M&H asked why I wanted to run cheaters...
  2. boostwhore

    Any of you guys sledders?

    Up here in northern Canada we have 8 months of winter and some of the best backcountry terrain in the world. Needless to say I’ve been riding sleds all my life. Over the weekend I picked up a new skidonkey for the stable to replace the turbo I have been riding the last couple years. The old...
  3. boostwhore

    72stg2r, sxe372’s in a triple setup?

    Hey fellas, I’ve been bouncing around the idea of triples for my next setup. What are your thoughts on 72stg2r and sxe372’s as atmosphere chargers? Will likely be going to a 14mm cp3 or twin over my 12 and 250’s or so. Right now I’m pulling my 14k fifth wheel to the track and would love to...
  4. boostwhore

    Cracked stock manifold

    Hey guys, was at the races last weekend and noticed my passenger side stock manifold had cracked around my drilled and tapped egt port. Honestly I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did, I’ve got the BD drivers side. Still managed a new personal best of 11.0 at 127mph. I’m running a set of up...
  5. boostwhore

    Converter for new build?

    So I am in the process of finishing up my build. Setup is a 68mm 3794 over a billet 480, exergy 100's and 12mm pump, SoCal motor and full billet Allison. The truck is gonna be a street/strip with some occasional towing. The converter I have is a goerend "R", this is what was recommended to me...
  6. boostwhore

    Industrial injection quad turbo Duramax for UCC 2018?

    Was just cruising around on the wife's Facebook and came across a video on industrials page. A dual compound quad turbo and possibly a triple cp3 assuming there's on in the valley. Short video though and can't see much but definitely caught my attention.
  7. boostwhore

    Have you guys seen this monster?

    Buddy of mine was telling me about this new Dodge Challenger that was some 800+hp monster, at first I thought he was confused with the hellcat so I did some searching. Sure enough this is what I found, all I can say is wow...
  8. boostwhore

    Thinking maybe Nitrous

    So I'm in the process of getting my new setup together, will be a SoCal motor, exergy 12mm stroker, exergy 100 over Lbz nozzles, sdp full billet trans and sdp 68mm 3794 and a billet s480 twins. My goal is to pull my fifth wheel to the track and then be able to bang off a Hail Mary 10.99. I...
  9. boostwhore

    2015 fan issues

    Hey guys, other day I was driving my 2015 and noticed the fan come on and stay on just cruising unloaded. Bout an hour after I noticed the fan it threw a DTC (PO495 fan speed high). I was just wondering if the lml's had the same all mechanical fan clutch as the older models? Fan stays on %100 of...
  10. boostwhore

    My Lmm build

    Hey guys just looking for opinions on my build please let me know if I'm missing something.. Rebuild current motor: Thermal clean and mag test block Mag test + polish crank Machine crank for 5mm key Digitally balance rotating assembly Pressure test + machine work on head Rod, main and thrust...
  11. boostwhore

    Farmer rear suspension build

    Hey guys, just thought I'd post a couple pictures of my farmered rear suspension setup for my truck. Going to copy Trent's original setup. It currently has a TC 6" lift with the cognito economy long bars and rancho 9000's. I've got everything needed to remove the lift and go back to stock. Got...
  12. boostwhore

    Shock length for Trent Nell's original rear suspension

    Hey guys, just wondering if anybody has any idea what the shock dimensions were on Trent's original rear suspension setup. The setup that moved the passenger side shock to the back of the axle with piece of 1" for a crossmember. I will post pictures up later for reference, thanks.
  13. boostwhore

    Qa1 part number

    Havin a hard time finding the part number for qa1's for a stock height truck. Is there any other double adjustable shock a guy should be looking at as well? I have the rancho 9000's and am looking for something with more adjustment.
  14. boostwhore

    Db rods coilovers

    Hey guys, just spoke with Jon at db about doing a set of his coilovers and i was just wondering what you guys who are running them thought of them? I am in the process of tracking down parts to return my truck back to stock ride height but it's proving to be a pain. Jon recommended 1100-1200lb...
  15. boostwhore

    2007 Chevrolet 2500hd

    boostwhore submitted a new Showcase Item: 2007 Chevrolet 2500hd Read more about this showcase item here...
  16. boostwhore

    Airdog 165 failure

    Hey guys, not sure if this is right spot for this but my AD 165 just packed her in. Just tryin to decide whether to replace it with another 165 or jump up to a bigger frame to allow room to grow. Truck is mostly just DD.