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    Manifold Removal

    So I see I have coolant leaking on the passenger side on the Allison where that plate cover is. While in there looking around I see my passenger uppipe has a bolt broken off. Eek! No soot in the area but I'm not liking this. Guess I have to pull the manifold. Time to test out the Kroil! Any...
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    Fluid in pass-thru connector

    So when diagnosing a defective TCM, when I pulled off the plug from the back of the Ally, there looked like some transmission fluid seepage in the plug. Would this have been the cause of the TCM failure? Should I order a MA replacement pass thru connector or is this a non issue. No leaking...
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    HG Advice

    Well I believe I'm now in a predicament :( It appears that I have a pressurized coolant reservoir with the surge side level rising slowly. New reservoir and cap have also been installed this summer. Still have random low coolant warnings on the cluster every 3-4 months. Recent coolant...
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    LML Turbo Replacement

    Well my turbo is on the way out so a stock Garrett replacement is on the way. What other parts should I have on hand for replacement? I have the oil intake hose and gaskets already.