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    LB7: Wicked wheel2?

    How much would it lower my ex. temp? Currently I'm getting 1200 deg. towing heavy at 6000 ft. on a 15 hp tune goes up about 25 deg. more on a 30 hp tune. Like to quicken the spool a bit too.
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    LB7: Is this a potential problem?

    04 LB7 running a EFI live 30 hp tow tune. On a hard pull where it has to downshift, it flares about 300 rpm when going into 4th, I try to manually downshift before the load pull gets too hard. The up shifts are fine.
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    Exhaust brake?

    Thinking about one, but which one? Which one are you using?
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    LB7: Overboost code?

    Got an overboost code yesterday pulling my new camper home. Never seen the boost go over 27 even when giving it a blast on the 100hp tune & when towing I had it on the 30hp tune. Waste gate is free diaphragm held vacuum. Has a PPE boost valve SAC 45 injectors & 4 in. exhaust. On a bright...
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    LB7: SAC 45 injectors installed

    I did the job & installed the SAC 45 injectors, Fass 95 lift pump, DSP5 with tunes from Brent @ LDS 15 - 100 hp & MBRP 4" exhaust. Took it for a test run, WOW lot more response & no smoke. No more idle haze, no eye burning. Hits about 27-28 lbs. boost on the 100 hp tune, maybe 1100 deg. ex...
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    Pressure for lift pump?

    What's the max press. to run? It go to 10 with engine off & shows 8.5 - 9 running.
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    Dealer wouldn't sell me ECM terminals.

    Stopped at a larger GM dealer to see if I could get a pack of them, of coarse I forgot to write down the part number. Don't sell em, wouldn't even bother to look em up. Said only thing they had was a kit for the techs. I say BS Anybody ever run across the same BS? I think the pr!ck was too lazy...
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    LB7: Intake heater?

    Does it cause much restriction? By looking down in there after removing the intercooler pipe, it looks like a restriction.
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    LB7: Tow tunes?

    What's the difference between a heavy tow & a light tow, if the HP ratings are the same?
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    LB7: Changing injectors?

    So many options stock, 10%, 50hp. Where to buy? Who has the most complete kit? What do I really need? Do stock injectors run cleaner than the larger ones? I run mine on 90 or 120 PPE tune. It's mostly a driver & light to medium tow rig 6-10K llbs. BTW I never have had balance rates checked but...
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    Info: Something I've noticed

    I've noticed a lot of people pull in after running down the Interstate pulling a big trailer & just turn it off like a gasser. I'd guess they're flirting with turbo failure down the road. How many give it a few minutes to cool down?
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    LB7: Need some help in Billings?

    I think I have a sick one. I'm pulling a 10000 lbs. 5th wheel, stopped the KOA in Billings & noticed it looks to be blowing a lot of oil out the bottom. Maybe the breather tube? Anybody know of a contact that could look at it? If not I'm just gonna try to limp it back to MN.
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    Timing with PPE tuner?

    When tuning with PPE do you add timing or select no? I have it on 90 HP with added timing.
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    Safe tune , towing 10,000 lbs.

    What's a safe tune for towing a 10,000 lb. trailer through the mountains? I have a PPE tuner, & I have it on 120 hp now but was going to go with 90 or 50. Have NO pyrometer BTW, if I did I'd leave it as is. 2004 LB7
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    LB7: Testing injectors with PPE tuner?

    My 04 has started smoking a bit at idle after warming up, so I put the tuner on to check the injectors, number 2 was showing a way lower number than the rest. Does that mean it's on the way out? I don't know what the numbers mean, I'm guessing it the open time.
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    LB7: Did a scan with my PPE.

    I,m not sure what to make of the results. I didn't write any of it down, but the thing that had me concerned was the fuel press. I don't think it got over 10-11000 psi I think it was around 8000 idling. Injectors were 3.5 ms @ idle Timing minus 3 @ idle up to 15 @ 3000 rpm Boost was 14 must be...
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    LB7: Did I limp it?

    I was out playing dirt track on some back road, didn't notice anything, but after I coasted down a hill I noticed a light on the panel od with a slash through it. After I shut it off & restarted it went away & trans shifts normal. BTW it might have shifted to OD while I was playing & the...
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    LB7: Question about PPE

    I have a PPE standard & have it set at 90hp & I've downloaded the update from PPE will the update make for any noticeable performance gains or drive ability? I haven't put the update to the tuner yet, still on my computer, don't even know how to put it on the tuner. Guess USB port.
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    Anybody park your Duramax for the winter?

    I'm gonna park mine just can't see driving it to work 5 miles when it's 20-30 or 40 below. If you do park it what do you do? Drive it in the shed & walk away?
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    LB7: Gauges electric or mechancal

    Looking to get a boost & EGT gauges. Are the electric ones reasonably accurate? How high of temp should I be looking at for my EGT gauge? Looking in Summit what would be your favorite brand?