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    69 Duramax C-10 Is Finally Rolling

    Beautiful truck. What's in the Nova?
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    100k miles, internal filter change?

    Here's the best deal going for trans fluid. Shifts nicer with the synthetic too.
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    Lb7 high idle.

    Just need the wire ends & some wire.
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    WTB: 01-07 mirrors

    25 plus shipping.
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    WTB: 01-07 mirrors

    I have a set from my 04.
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    Boost valve question

    The most I got was about 27 post IC just enough to give an over boost code.
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    Towing like crap

    265/70/17 I think they're 31.5, not as big as the OP.
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    Towing like crap

    5000 lb. trailer shouldn't faze it much. I pull 14000+ with my 04 with a 30hp tune, 4th gear on most hills.
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    Engine coolant temp

    If it get to 210 - 215 you should hear the fan kick in.
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    Engine coolant temp

    Seems about right to me
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    How often to change serpentine belt ?

    One of the idlers went at 106K on mine 15 miles out of Baudette MN on Sunday 95 deg & humid.
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    LB7: SAC-style Injector Life

    Mine doesn't smoke cold, but it hazes just a bit when warm.:confused:
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    Holy turbo explosion Batman
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    LML Sta Bil Diesel Fuel stabilizer for long term storage

    They are already sitting on plastic, that's what the case is made of. Just one of those old wive's tales that won't go away.
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    Advice for initial start up after HD/ injectors

    I had the tunes before I decided to delete the heater, & never got back with the tuner to send me the tunes with it turned off.
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    Advice for initial start up after HD/ injectors

    You can hook up a light bulb to the IAH, then it won't set a code. Worked on mine.
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    '09 First fluid change, heavy towing

    Does Summit ship to AK?
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    LB7: SAC-style Injector Life

    Checked my balance rates too with the autocal hooked to my laptop. Don't really know if it's reading them right cause I got just round numbers no tenths. 1,-1, 0 -2 something like that the worst was going back & forth -1 to -2. BTW I have 12K miles on it already, 8K towing my 5th wheel.
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    LB7: SAC-style Injector Life

    I didn't do the tunes so I have now way to change, unless I talk to the person that did them.