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  1. skintback

    Anybody running these clutches

    Yes sir they do when beat on pretty hard not alot of steel there to take the heat. But what i was getting at is they showed no sign of shedding/wear like the double sided carbonites do in 1/2 the time/milage under the same driving habits. It seems like something may have chaged in the carbonite...
  2. skintback

    Anybody running these clutches

    I wonder what they are using to suff up the steels with? Yes Mike i learned a long time ago that the double sided carbonites c3/4 shed/wear very quickly. What i find odd is I have some original old single sided carbonites c3/4 that came out of a truck 650/700hp 50K miles on them that look like...
  3. skintback

    Anybody running these clutches

    When you say performance polished steels? Can you explain more about this? I have tried reusing ''polished'' koleen slightly used steels with not very good luck when paired with SCZ's in the c3. The same steels with Alto carbonites held up very well other than the shedding problem
  4. skintback

    LML Aftermarket PS pump?

    I had this problem on a 04 and ended up being the steering gear box taking out the P/S pumps
  5. skintback

    Bad fuel sending unit?

    LMM's are very bad about the fuel gauge being way off. I have taken the sending unit out and bent the float arm to get it to read where you want it like 3 or 4 gallons left and then the low light comes on I think you can adj it with EFI live as well not 100% sure on that
  6. skintback

    2012 LML no start issue

    Jack Russell terrier after a rat or squirrel Lol
  7. skintback

    Large lift pump suggestions?

    How does the AD 4G 200 stack up?
  8. skintback

    Truck won’t crank

    No flash needed to just try it and see if that's the problem
  9. skintback

    Running a single battery

    The odyssey extreme 65-pc1750 has worked well in FL it fits ok in the stock driver side tray in a LMM with top post
  10. skintback

    Truck won’t crank

    Try another TCM 06-10 should swap around to see if that's the problem
  11. skintback

    Truck won’t crank

    Check your TCM you're not getting the line under PRND and try cleaning the ground under the driver's door below the cab mount on the frame
  12. skintback

    New best for the ranch truck and Goldie

    Nice work :thumb:
  13. skintback

    Opinions on these ideas?

    I thought this race was about getting more people out on the race track like putting something on for the average guys hot street truck/play toy after all they are the one at the end of the day that spends/buys more parts out of there own pocket then i would think over any of them and is what...
  14. skintback

    How to stop the Smoke

    You need a better EGR delete tube to hold the Y bridge neck in place with some new O rings on the neck first or One of HSP's billet bridges with bolt in neck cold side intercooler pipe setup if you have the money
  15. skintback

    Crank replacement?

    You should be fine putting a new LML crank back in it
  16. skintback

    Lb7 build

    What tire and wheel combo is that in these pics?
  17. skintback

    Full Exhaust & PPEI Tune on LML, what's next?

    If it was mine i would be looking at a good fuel lift pump Air Intake complete egr delete with 3'' hot/cold intercooler pipes with Y-bridge do a cp3 conversion using a sportsmen/CP3K pump or go stroked 10mm and a built transmission then a twin kit. Something like that
  18. skintback

    Cut, cut, snip, snip

    Sounds like a really fun street truck setup probably runs mid 11's or better with street tires at that weight and drive it everyday looks good Josh :thumb:
  19. skintback

    Busted Danville pinned pump

    I would chalk that up to some of the same luck i have