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  1. skintback

    12mm XP series II pump?

    Has anyone run one of these II XP series 12mm with 8.5mm plungers CP3 pump yet? I can't find any specs on it as for flow numbers and how far into the upper rpm's it flows and of course is it going to go the distance. They claim it has more fuel output than any CP3 on the market. I'm not sure...
  2. skintback

    Eng oil cooler?

    Does anyone know if a LML eng oil cooler will bolt up and work on the older duramax 2001/2010 I know they changed the part numbers between the two so that means they changed something about it. I wonder if it has something to do with the higher oil pressure in the LML over the older ones?
  3. skintback

    Built transmission and shift time?

    What makes a high hp heavy truck with a well built transmission and good converter shift on time? Is that in the tcm/ecm tuning or does it have more to do with clutch setup and hyd's of the inner workings of the allison? I know a good lockup box seems to be important as well. I see/read that...
  4. skintback

    South FL PBIR all truck event 20th

    Palm Beach International Raceway down in south FL is having a all truck event on the 20th of dec from 4-10pm should be a good time i was told a lot of diesels come out to race and hang out I'm going to try and make it and maybe make a few passes :thumb:
  5. skintback

    Sock for ss v-band 1.30ar

    Have you done any socks for the bullseye ss 1.30 v-band inlet exhaust housing yet? I would like to get a sock for that one and for my gated HTT 16ss charger and a hot pipe sock all in black
  6. skintback

    New piston part #

    Is there a new lml piston? GM#19260446 part number looks to do both sides anyone else seen this or is it old news?
  7. skintback

    Straight hookup intercooler pipe?

    I seen somewhere that ya'll were making a hot side intercooler pipe that had a straight hookup to the intercooler but i can not find it
  8. skintback

    Gated 66 in twin setup pros/cons

    What would be the pros and cons of using say a gated T3 66/71/16ss over a billet 80/96 T6 1.32ar in a twin setup? Looking to make say 800rwhp in a street truck while keeping EGT's and drive pressure in check
  9. skintback

    LML Dual pump kit

    Is anyone running the dual pump kit that is out by H&S for the LML and 6.7 power stroke yet?
  10. skintback

    LB7 intercooler in LMM?

    Will a lb7/lly intercooler fit in a lmm truck? What im trying to do is run a lb7 y-bridge on a lmm to make room for a nice intake on a single gated 66. If so you can just drop in a lb7/lly intercooler and lb7 cold side pipe that would be great but for some reason i don't think it's that easy...
  11. skintback

    cummins 8 hole tips on dmax?

    I seen a stock set of 2012 6.7 cummins tips the other day and looked like they would swap on to a lbz/lmm injector. Has anyone else seen these tips they have 8 holes and are staggered to each other up/down pretty cool looking. I know that the 03-04 305hp 5.9 is 8 hole as well not sure on how...
  12. skintback

    Gainesville FL Mar 23rd

    Who's all going? buy,sale,trade,race,meet up shoot the shit who's in?
  13. skintback

    Open House

    When is the open house party going to be?
  14. skintback

    LMM Traction Control?

    I have a LMM that is cutting the power when the tires spin this is a early lmm with no traction control on/off button what can be done to fix this? It has EFI and it is not a fuel problem the best i can tell.
  15. skintback

    Hoosier 295/50/16?

    Has anybody ran these hoosier 295/50/16 on stock chevy 6.5'' rims? They seem to be a good choice and priced ok but the spec seems a little wide for the stock rims maybe not could just be me. Hoosier 17326 295/50/16 TW 10.5 SW 12.1 28'' tall 88'' Circ 26 LBS I know alot of people have...
  16. skintback

    Billet 71/74/16 gated?

    Does anyone make that turbo setup i know they make a 71/74 nongated and HTT makes a 71/73 gated. I wonder how a 71/74/16 gated would run over a 66/71/16 gated as for all out power wise?
  17. skintback

    Dual cp3 pump wheel

    Where do you guys get the custom billet dual cp3 pump wheel and how much? I can't find them anywhere for sale.
  18. skintback

    LLY: To high Rail?

    I get to high of rail psi P0088 now on my 05 lly with dual pumps what tables do i need change to get rid of the limp mod that limits it to 20K when the code is set?
  19. skintback

    Allison 6sp: Converter lockup?

    I have a guys truck here that the converter is not locking up until around 75-80mph or 4th gear running the 1/4 4x4 boosted launch it's a lmm 4094vvt 25overs 2cp3's 1058 I know lockup seems to become a problem after you start to make some good power but damn this is terrible i'll see what T/H...
  20. skintback

    LMM: Tuning a 4094vvt?

    Looking for someone with alot of experience tuning a 4094vvt on a lmm. Who would you get to do it? As of now it runs very smooth BUT the lag is UNREAL and smokes like a [email protected] let me know before this thing gets put in the trashcan:eek: the truck has 2cp3's 25over lmm tips and the all mighty...