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  1. PureHybrid

    Free: Factory GMC short bed liner

    It's a drop in liner made by GM for a short bed. #12497552 Come and get it, it's free. Should fit 01-07. Near Zanesville OH
  2. PureHybrid

    Burnt up Kennedy pump

    First, I can't complain too much. Pumps have been on the truck since 2010. So a short story long, I rebuilt the filter head due to a start / die condition. Decided to check pressure while I was at it, only 2psi. Well wtf, checked voltage back by the pump plug and had 5-6v, wire was corroded...
  3. PureHybrid

    Allison 6sp: Alto G3 pack c1

    Just finished up a 6spd for a guy, c1 pack came out way tight on clearance at first (.055) with the parts Alto sent. Wondered if anyone else has ran into this? Usually have good luck with the carbonite packs
  4. PureHybrid

    Pacemakers Dragway Aug 17th

    A few guys from work and myself are going up next Friday night, Aug 17th. Feel free to join, it's a t&t night. We were originally going tonight, but they won't even let street cars run... Trucks / atv only.
  5. PureHybrid

    Help: Lb7 ecm bench flash

    Anyone near Central Ohio have a harness to bench read / flash an lb7 ecm? Or possibly be interested in trading an ecm for a known unlocked / stock one?
  6. PureHybrid

    Lancaster pulls

    Anyone at the truck pulls in Lancaster?
  7. PureHybrid

    EFILive Cummins HD tuning

    Anyone here doing the Beta testing on the Cummins HD stuff? Just got an email from EFI Live and it looks as there will be quite a bit of support even down to the 2.8L
  8. PureHybrid

    Allison 5sp: Cooler debris

    There are a couple pictures attached. Trans started running hotter than usual (210ish even when cooler outside), so Friday night I drove the truck around to get temp in the trans/engine and backflushed the cooler lines with compressed air. Only got about a qt into my catch bottle, had a...
  9. PureHybrid

    Help: 05 GMC tccm

    Having trouble getting my truck in/out of 4wd after the conversion using Ben's harness. I emailed him and he gave me a couple things to check, and replied but you know how that goes. Basically I'm looking for a known good TCCM, gm part# 12590219 to rule this out as the issue. I have a...
  10. PureHybrid

    Tow flows

    Whens the next sale you have going on? Looking at a set of tow flows for my stock manifolds.
  11. PureHybrid

    Allison 5sp: 2nd gear starts

    I decided to mess with the tcm tune a little tonight, more or less to play with the TCC tables since the slip limits are available now. Anyhow, I tried to make a 2nd gear start tune, for normal driving modes since 1st gear is so short. I changed the 1-2 upshift tables, 1-2 WOT , 2-1, 2-1 WOT...
  12. PureHybrid

    Allison 5sp: O/D knockdown

    How much of a bleed needs to be made on the main regulator to dump the trim signal?
  13. PureHybrid

    New site

    When is the new site going to be finished? I like to browse :D
  14. PureHybrid

    Bigger hold down bolts

    All you guys have been doing it wrong, guy on bookface "upgraded" to bigger injector hold down bolts :spit:
  15. PureHybrid

    LB7: Best full flash options EFI

    Alright guys / gals. I've searched about lb7 ecm problems and only came up with ones being dead already and needing recovered. And I've never read/flashed an 01 Duramax. Buddy of mine has a 2001 and wants the MAF adjusted for his new intake and a tow tune. Question is, has anyone found a...
  16. PureHybrid

    Question: CNG tuning LBZ

    Have a friend that bought a 2007 Chevy with an LBZ. He also installed a CNG tank and got a module setup from Marc Deluca (sp?). I have been messing with the calibration a little bit, but I have a couple questions. First, he took me for a ride with the "stock" tune. When lugging up a hill, it...
  17. PureHybrid

    High flow vanes

    I was scrolling through the DP website and started reading about the Stg 1 & 2 2.5" BMW turbos, do you sell the aftermarket vanes that you use separately? I would like to modify my own turbo for shiz and giggles, not that I don't trust you guys :D
  18. PureHybrid

    LLY: My slow vids

    I had 2 weeks in between jobs and got bored :rolleyes:
  19. PureHybrid

    2004 Gmc Sierra 2500hd

    PureHybrid submitted a new Showcase Item: 2004 Gmc Sierra 2500hd Read more about this showcase item here...
  20. PureHybrid


    Hey everybody, Im Jesse. I came over from Diesel Place, joined to pick up lots of info. See ya round :thumb: