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    125k mile turbo junk?

    I got a 17 3500 that's throwing a p100b turbo code. It's all stock. We put a new actuator on it and same thing. Is this thing really going to need a turbo this early in life? Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    Iso lly fuel and air

    I'm looking for a twin setup for my lly. I already have a s475 so prefer no turbo. Also looking for dual fueler. I have a good stock cp3 but would look at a modified stock or 10mm stroker pumps. Before I buy new thought I'd spend some stimmy money here if someone wanted to move some parts...
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    Lmm van parts

    I have a lmm from a van/transit bus. Going to pull all the outside stuff off to put my lbz stuff on when it goes in my truck. Thought I would offer the parts to anyone on here before I junk them. Have to have a price so how bout this: Harness $150 Accessories $250 Air intake/coolant plumbing...
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    Lbz swap in

    Hey guys I toasted my 330k mile 06 lly/lbz back last year. So finally after gathering parts and planing to build a motor I have picked up a complete lmm to just put back in and go. I would like some input/suggestions on what I need to look at doing while its out as far as parts that are easier...
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    AF cam or trade for stock?

    I am looking for a new or lightly used AF cam that doesn't require any piston machining. I have a stock keyed cam that I'd throw in trade or like to buy out rite. Thought I'd ask here before I buy new. Truck will be a tow/daily driver. No racing no crazy hp. Just a good reliable 500-600 hp...
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    Engine parts

    Gauging interest in my parts to build a short block. Lb7/lly standard bore block new cam bearings Arp main studs new Dhd stock crank keyed Dhd stock cam keyed Dhd delipped lb7 pistons (was run in a test motor then pulled out) Lbz rods Crank, rods, pistons balanced with fluid damper and bd...
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    Allison 5sp: Air Flow parts recommendations

    I have a lly that I'm going to put 100% over injectors, 10mm pump and S369 turbo on. Looking for recommendations on y-bridge, manifolds and up-pipes Thanks Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
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    Allison 5sp: 3500 drw lift and tire/wheel question

    I have a 06 3500 drw. I'm about to swap front differentials due to a gear change. I'm leveled now with 295s on my stock steel wheels. I'm looking for opinions and feedback on wether to just leave it like it is (doesnt wear the front tires funny and drives good rides good) or put a 4-6" lift on...
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    Air flow upgrade

    Not your usual turbo questions. But instead what air flow upgrades would you guys recommend and in what order. Truck is a 06 GMC 3500 dually. Will get new stock injectors soon. Has new cp3 (less than 15k miles) head studs, egr deleted with pro fan inlet and down pipe. Built trans. Danville 2.5...
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    Towing rpm range

    I have a 06 3500 6 speed Allison. It's got 3.73 gears and 305 tires. I feel like the rpm is a little too low for that setup to tow very much or very far. The majority of my towing will be farm related here around home so I won't hardly ever get in 6th gear. But this winter I hauled some cattle a...
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    Cp3 differences

    Can anyone tell me if there are any differences in lb7 vs lly vs lly/lbz/lmm cp3 pumps other than the regulators? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    99-02 vs 03-07 interior

    Just wondering if anyone else has put 03 up seats and center console in a 99-02 truck. I have a 02 regular cab that I want the center console put in but I like the 03 up more than the 99-02 console. Just wondered if anyone else had tried and succeeded or not. Thanks! Sent from my...