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  1. othrgrl

    2WD RCLB LBZ Build

    We have been working on a 2006 RCLB LBZ for a while now. The guy bought it from another customer in the parking lot and left it with us wanting it to run 6s in the 1/8 when he got it back. It was stock except intake and exhaust. After talking to him, we concluded he did not want a built motor...
  2. othrgrl

    Buyer Beware - Performance or Per4mance Innovations

    I know there have been some threads about this shop already but wanted to further warn people that are looking to have their transmission built or buy a complete transmission. I had a customer that gave me a deposit on a trans build but then "couldn't afford" to have his transmission built by...
  3. othrgrl

    Let's see it Newly

    Yes I was on little cheater slicks and at my local track (14ft above sea level) and put forth the little bit of effort it takes to remove the tailgate and seats. My custom hidden hitch and roll pan weigh as much or more than the stock bumper and hitch they replaced. When you say stripped I...
  4. othrgrl

    LB7: Congrats to RNolan - 12.53 @ 106.9

    After Ryan posted up last week about running slower ETs on the 265s he went back to the track last Friday with an updated tune and some of the suggestions from that thread. He ran a 12.53 @ 106.97 on a 1.711 60' time on his first pass of the night. He has an intake, exhaust, lift pump, and...
  5. othrgrl

    Finally ran the new motor: 11.18 @ 122mph

    Finally made it out to a 1/4 mile track for some test and tune passes. I ran a handful of low 11s @ over 120mph. With my 28" cheaters and a 5 speed I was fluttering at 4400rpm (on a 4800rpm rev limiter?) before the end of the track. Laptop went dead so I only got to log one run, which then...
  6. othrgrl

    New motor on the dyno

    Finished up my engine and finally got my truck on the road last Thursday after alot of long days and nights over the past couple weeks. Didn't get done in time to test and tune in Kinston that night. Friday I went over to help Winston get his new S472 on and build a last minute weight rack and...
  7. othrgrl

    Can't get in Chat

    I haven't been able to get in the chat last few times I've tried. It never used to ask me for a password and now it does and when I fill it out with my normal login info it says "incorrect user name or password". Any ideas why?
  8. othrgrl

    Oil cooler discussion continued from "Pistons?" Thread

    I was going to just update the other thread but figured I would start a new one for oil coolers. Condensed version of the oil cooler talk in the other thread. Summit Racing was out of stock on the Fluidyne DB-30617 cooler and originally showed a ship date of 4-15 or something like...
  9. othrgrl

    LLY: Finally tore it down

    I finally got the engine out and torn down. #4 piston was the problem. Wasn't caused by a valve failure as I had speculated. Judging from the looks of the other 7 pistons the used 90hp injectors I was running were no where near balance. They are off for testing and to be made into 100% over...
  10. othrgrl

    Mike's weekend festivities

    Found a video of Mike and the guys this past weekend: D2FX9rviEhw
  11. othrgrl

    Videos from the last two sled pulls we went to.

    Winston went to a truck pull at Four Oaks, NC on April 4th. They only broke it down by weight and had a 7500lb and 8200lb class. He ran in the 7500 lb class then only added 140 lbs to run in the 8200 lb class. He got a full pull in both classes and let out before the sled stopped him in...
  12. othrgrl

    LBZ: Stock LBZ tune

    Posted for kjp800.
  13. othrgrl

    What is this? Throttle body spacer?

    Actual description in black, my comments in red: Description: PowerAid®; Throttle Body what throttle body???Spacer; Installs In 30-45 Minutes; Fits: CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2500 HD 2001-2004 V8 6.6L CHEVROLET SILVERADO 3500 2001-2004 V8 6.6L GMC SIERRA 2500 HD 2001-2004 V8 6.6L GMC...
  14. othrgrl

    LMM: 2WD - 13.2 @ 104 first time at track

    We have a customer with a beautiful black '08 crew cab GMC with all the options, 22s, bed rug, hard tonneau, sub and amp, navigation, DVD, sunroof and all - sorry to go on and on but it's a drool worthy truck for looks and comforts. Anyway he had us do some work on his truck while he was...
  15. othrgrl

    Slicks for 2WD

    What are you 2WD guys around here running at the track? Drag radials, cheater slicks, or slicks? What size are you running? What is the best 60' time you've gotten on your setup? What tires are you running up front? We'll be building the trans, tuning, shimming the FPRV, gauges, exhaust...
  16. othrgrl

    New Diesel in the Stables

    Haven't been on here much lately due to moving my fiance down from Brooklyn, taking her to her job interviews, looking for and buying a car, Christmas shopping, ect. But during all that I did manage to get another diesel in the driveway. She bought a 2005 VW Jetta TDI - a really nice metallic...
  17. othrgrl

    LB7: 11.54 @ 118 mph first runs on new motor

    Sorry Winston, I couldn't wait to post this but you better put up the videos when you get on here next. Anyway, the Diesel Addiction Crew (Winston, Chris and I) went to the Kinston Drag Strip tonight for the initial shakedown runs on Winston's new motor. It was our first time at that track...
  18. othrgrl

    6th Annual NC Diesel Drag and Dyno day results

    We headed out to the 6th Annual NC Diesel Drag and Dyno event here in Jacksonville. The dyno went on Saturday as scheduled despite the rain but the racing got delayed until Sunday. Couldn't get full boost on the dynojet out of either of our trucks but still put down respectable uncorrected...
  19. othrgrl

    DA's Stock LBZ goes 12.42 @ 106!!!

    Chris (DrHolliday) ran his LBZ again tonight and wasn't bracket racing so I got him to launch it hard. We put the BFG ATs that I normally run on it but they didn't make a difference for him and his 255-85s ran the same on mine that the BFGs have been - I cut a 1.68 on his 255s and he cut a 1.69...
  20. othrgrl

    Stock LBZ 12.60 and I mine took street class.

    I took 1st in the sporstman class tonight - ran 12.43-12.45 on a 12.4 dial. Truck is running very consistant had a best of 12.41 and a worst of 12.47 tonight, both during time trials. Chris (DrHolliday) ran his LBZ for the first time with the lift pump and shim kit. 12.60 @ 104 - does...