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  1. sik 07

    Uninstalling tunes

    I'm going to be uninstalling my tuner on my LMM. It is a H&S XRT Pro. I have searched for instructions on how to get it done but have come up with nothing so far. Can I uninstall the tune to where I can install it on another truck? Thanks
  2. sik 07

    2005 LBZ losing power

    My buddy has a 2005 LBZ and it has been losing power at about mid throttle. It seems to go into a limp mode but does not have a CEL. When he goes about 65 MPH and steps on the throttle slowly it'll power down to about 45 MPH. The truck will stay there for a while and will eventually be able to...
  3. sik 07

    Looking for a new tuner.

    Looking for a new tuner to replace my xrt pro.I already have an exhaust and I'm looking into making my truck pretty much bullet proof because I will be towing a lot. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. sik 07

    steering making noise

    I put a new borgenson steering shaft on an 07 classic that was making a popping noise and had a lot of play. It got tighter but the popping noise is still happening when you hit small bumps or pot holes. Any ideas on what else it could be would be appreciated.
  5. sik 07

    got in an Xtrude trans cooler

    I just got a new Xtrude cooler with a fan because my trans gets really hot when I'm pulling my rv. It's a kit with fittings for the trans and some hoses. Can I forget about the oem cooler altogether and just mount this one on the frame near the trans? Thanks
  6. sik 07

    leaking Trans cooler lines on my 2007.5

    I noticed my trans cooler lines were leaking and I shopped a bit for new ones but I was thinking of putting a new cooler with a fan and maybe mounting it towards the back of the truck. My trucks transmission has always got pretty hot when I'm towing my 8,000 pound rv I'm just thinking this may...
  7. sik 07

    P0087 code

    After I filled up this morn my truck went into limp mode and couldn't go past 30 mph. My tuner gave me a p0087 code. I called the dealer they said low fuel pressure. I cleared the code and it seems like its running normal. My tune was on the hot stage and I put it back mild. Will I do any damage...
  8. sik 07

    Need help with air pressure sensors

    Got some new fuel wheels and 35" nitto trail grapplers yesterday but the air pressure sensor light is still on. The guys at discount tire said it would take a few miles for them to reset but I've already put 100 miles and still it's on. What can I do to reset them? Thanks
  9. sik 07

    What's a safe temp?

    I pulled my 7500 lb travel trailer with a 12 ft utility trailer with a yamaha rhino up a 8% grade for about 2 miles this weekend and saw the temp get to about 220 degrees. Is that a safe range to be in while pulling? The temp went down after about a 1 or 2.
  10. sik 07

    anyone using h&s xrt tuner

    Anyone using h&S xrt TUNER? Im also looking at an mbrp 4 inchlift exhaust. Want to know if it helps with the mileage. I got a 6.6 lmm with 4 inch lift 33x12.50 r20 wheels
  11. sik 07

    oem wheels with lift

    Anyone running a 16" oem wheel on their lifted 07 and newer truck?
  12. sik 07

    no oil in transfer case

    went to change the oil in my dmax and the tech at the shop advised me that i only had 1/2 a quart of oil in the transfer case. Last time i took it in for an oil change was about 5,000 miles ago and it was good, how long would it take to kill the t case if i ran it with with only that much oil? i...
  13. sik 07

    back up camera question

    i got a factory nav/dvd player in my 07 and i wanted to put a back up camera. I called the dealer and they say they dont know if i can put one on that unit. is there a way to check if one will fit without having to take the unit out? thanks
  14. sik 07

    anyone running micky thompson atz's?

    im thinking of ordering some micky thompson atz's, just wondering if anyone is running them, and how they preform. thanks
  15. sik 07

    good price for tires?

    got my truck with 20 inch rims but i want to sell my tires so i can get an aggressive tire. I have perelli scorpion atr they are 305/ 55 R20, they are like brand new. Any idea what i should ask for them? thanks
  16. sik 07

    new from new mexico

    new duramax owner from new mexico! hope to learn alot from this site. merry christmas and happy new year!:beer2: