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  1. Mogman

    Looking for a low power tune 08 LMM

    I am looking for a sub 300HP tune for my project, just want to take it slowly and see how all the bits and pieces jell
  2. Mogman

    Stand alone ECM need start circuit?

    The question is does the ECM need to know you are trying to start the engine or can I abandon the stand alone harness start wires and do my own start circuit?
  3. Mogman

    Silicone hoses on straight pipe?

    I am wondering if silicone radiator hose will not push off of straight pipe? I am having to cut the cooling pipes to length so they do not have the bead that normally keeps the pipe from pushing off of the pipe, I am using T bolt clamps, I am not able to find rubber hoses in the configurations I...
  4. Mogman

    Reading DSP-5 and de-tuning??

    Well I am only a couple weeks (hopefully) to shooting some juice to my LMM re-powered Humvee, the original ECM had DSP-5 or at least a switch, I did not have EFI-live when I test fired the wrecked truck, I have some questions. 1, I understand (I could be wrong) that the ECM could be password...
  5. Mogman

    LMM fan options?

    I starting to fit the stack (radiator, trans/steering cooler and intercooler) on my Humvee/LMM conversion and there is not much room for a fan, I have seen other conversions use cut down OEM fans but I only have enough clearance for an 18" fan and that does not leave much blade because of the...
  6. Mogman

    LBZ, LMM MAF??

    Thanks to all that have helped me with this project, this forum is a great resource. So we are getting down to the minor details, the donor LMM had an aftermarket intake which I cannot use, so the question now is what MAF sensor I can use. I am using a LBZ intake horn and am told that it is a...
  7. Mogman

    2008 LMM dual alternator idler

    It looks like I need to get an idler pulley to install dual alternators, I am assuming it is the same part number as the other two idler pulleys yes? The picture says 2006 but this still looks right, I have a K061369 belt to install.
  8. Mogman

    LMM heater hose options??

    So the original heater hose that comes off of the left rear of the engine must be changed as it interferes with the doghouse cover on my HMMWV as it goes past the turbo, so I am wondering if there are any aftermarket connectors available or am I going to have to home brew something, Also I was...
  9. Mogman

    LMM lift pump?? DSP 5??

    I see in the schematics there is a fuel lift pump control pin on the LMM ECM, I will be running an AirDog and wonder if this can be programmed to control the pump, I have not looked but assume the pin/lead is not even populated in the ECM connector but that could be remedied, I thought I saw...
  10. Mogman

    Lower profile oil fill tube

    I need to lower the oil fill tube on my 08 LMM, I am looking at a 01-05 tube that looks shorter, does anyone have a clue if this can be made to fit. I could cut down and weld up my original but this would look cleaner. Thanks
  11. Mogman

    Alternator lead?

    On my 2008 LMM I cannot find a lead on the engine harness that fits the alternator (2 pin) is there a short pigtail that plugs into the harness?
  12. Mogman

    LYY intake horn on LMM turbo?

    I am looking around for a lower profile turbo intake elbow for my LMM, I see quite a few for the LYY that look like they would work (same size V band?)
  13. Mogman

    Another trans fluid question.

    I have done some searches with no luck, I have a power train with 290K with no history (08 LMM), the engine has a 4" Jamo exhaust, Cheetah turbo, freash air and DSP-5, my "buddy" says the trans is most likely "built" as they cannot handle the 550+ HP this was most likely set up with,,,, I am...
  14. Mogman

    LMM water pump replace?

    The factory Delco pump did not come with the o ring for the end of the oil cooler pipe, do I ignore it and move on or do I trip up to the GM dealer and try to order one?
  15. Mogman

    263XHD transfer case stand alone solution?

    Is there another stand alone solution for the 08 263XHD electronic transfer case shift control other than the $1000 dollar aftermarket one?
  16. Mogman

    263XHD transfer case schematics

    Does anyone have the shift schematics for the 263XHD (2008) the all knowing ALLDATA does not have it.... THANKS!!
  17. Mogman

    LMM to LBZ?

    So my LMM repower project seems to have hit a few snags and it seems like possibly converting to a LBZ ECM may be easier than the LMM, is this possible and if so what hardware will be needed?
  18. Mogman

    What threads are the cooler fittings?

    What threads are actually in the aluminum housing for the cooler lines? I need to convert them to 5/8 JIC
  19. Mogman

    2006-7 VS 2008 cluster??

    I am hoping once again this is the correct forum, I am doing a custom re-power using a 2008 LMM, I want to use the factory cluster as I had seen on another build BUT....... The other build used a 2006 (LBZ?) cluster and there is a difference that would make it MUCH easier to do if I can use a...
  20. Mogman

    Interesting first read!

    OK I just set up my flash scan, I have not been able to do a write (cal flash) as I get an error "S0311 Mode Not Supported" but I have put that on the EFILive forum to discus, what I am curious about is some of the DTC disables I have found and if they are normal, this of course would be best...