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  1. prostreeter600

    CRANKSHAFTS———Callies Durastar $1700——Callies Ultra Billet $3700 (external Balance) or SoCal Diesel $5000

    I changed up some stuff on my truck , everything was working great. Decided to go to the races one Friday so me and my son checked out all the fluids etc , truck was boosting up great . Loaded it up and went to track , truck was fine in lanes , get to the starting line and it wouldn’t spoil up ...
  2. prostreeter600

    L5P Dig street Drag Race 2019 versus 2020

    This is somewhat of a follow up on this thread I posted . So me and my son were getting back home from an out of town trip and we run into this guy with his paper tagged 2020 GMC 2500 HD AT4 crew cab . I got next to him and rolled down...
  3. prostreeter600

    Info: 2019 l5p/6 spd—-versus—-2020 l5p/10 spd

    So I decided I wanted to trade in my 2018 Black Silverado High Country 2500 HD to get a 2020 High Country or a Denali 2500 HD . Yesterday on my lunch brake I test drove a 2020 Sierra SLT 2500 HD 10 SPD at a GMC dealership, I test drove it hard with the salesman on board . Put it in 4H and...
  4. prostreeter600

    LBZ: Latest Mods to Mighty Max
  5. prostreeter600

    Info: Finally a nice diesel event in tx in 2 weeks

    Hopefully it will turn into a yearly event or a Bi Annual event . Plus it pays out . I haven’t been able to attend a nice diesel event in several years . I’m really STOKED about going . My Brother lives like an hour from the track plus my truck will be in a secure area there instead of sitting...
  6. prostreeter600

    Question: Best 60’ on a street/strip truck

    Whether you run it on street tires or put race tires on it for the track . By street truck I mean a truck that isn’t gutted out . Like bed of truck removed and or all the dash ,door panels and glass removed in leu of lexan etc . Still running a heater and AC system. THIS IS JUST OUT OF...
  7. prostreeter600

    LBZ: New look for mighty max

    So I made some changes to MIGHTY MAX . I put new wheels and tires on it , I put a 1500 grille on it , raised the bumper, added fog lights and a rear LED strip to the rear . Then I got it all color matched to give it the monochromatic look . I also gave the windshield some graphics . I’m really...
  8. prostreeter600

    Question: Built Motor & Trans How Much NOS Can it Safely Take

    Hoping someone on here has gone where I’ve yet to go . So far I have sprayed it with a 62 jet thru a Zex Solenoid that came with my 300 HP Zex Diesel NOS System which their chart says a 62 jet will give me 150 HP . I gained a tenth in the 1/8th with the 62 jet which netted me my best ever 1/8th...
  9. prostreeter600

    Question: What is Weight Difference in a 2 WD versus a 4 WD RC LB

    Does anyone know what the weight difference is in an LBZ Duramax 2 Wheel Drive versus a 4 Wheel Drive Single Cab Long Bed ? Is it fair to say that the 2 Wheel drive is about 300 to 400# lighter without the transfer case, drive shaft, front drive axles and the IFS unit or is it more ? What would...
  10. prostreeter600

    Question: Which are faster drag radials or cheater slicks/slicks

    I made some changes to my truck over the winter. I want to get some runs in on what I currently have but I am contemplating changing my wheel/tire combination. I'm either going to a 16 x 10 with M & H 30 x 14 cheater slicks, 12/16 Nostalgia slicks or 17 x 10 with 315/50/17 MT ET Street R drag...
  11. prostreeter600

    Question: Will these Drag Slicks work on our trucks ?

    Will these M & H slicks hold up on our trucks or are our front ends too heavy ? Will they blow out under the weight ? I’m sure they’re ok for the rear but I’m concerned about using them in the front. I’m not even sure if they have a load rating. Has anybody run these personally ?
  12. prostreeter600

    Allison 6sp: Need Help with Trans Problems

    Be forewarned this may be a little long winded but it is all pertinent information I think. So I had made some repairs on my truck due to melting down an exhaust turbine in my valley turbo due to exhaust leaks at the pedestal. I took it for a test drive where I decided to do a test hit, I put it...
  13. prostreeter600

    Any discounts on 9.25 Billet Slide Collar

    Just curious if anybody knows of where to get a billet slide collar for a better deal than $425. I have my IFS apart right now doing 3.42s on it . My slide collar is in excellent shape , although I figured while it's out I would go billet . It's just a bit pricey, same as the rest of the stuff...
  14. prostreeter600

    Will 60' improve with 3.42s

    Question to those that have gone from 3.73s to 3.42s . Did your 60' improve or did it get worse ?
  15. prostreeter600

    Water/Methanol ---Pre or Post Intercooler

    Thinking of doing a Water/Methanol injection on my truck . Wondered if it is safe to inject it Pre Intercooler or will it puddle up in the Intercooler . Reason for wanting to do it pre Intercooler is that my high pressure boost pipe leaving my valley turbo gets hot enough to blister the powder...
  16. prostreeter600

    2006 Gmc 2500hd

    prostreeter600 submitted a new Showcase Item: 2006 Gmc 2500hd Read more about this showcase item here...
  17. prostreeter600

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow DD members , may you have a Blessed Day and have much to be Thankful for . Be safe in your travels and enjoy the time with family and friends.
  18. prostreeter600

    06 4 x 4 Front & Rear Foot Print

    Assuming both front and rear wheels are exactly the same size ,back space and all , assuming same tire size too ,how big a spacer would a person need to add to the rear to have the rear outside to outside dimension at the tires be exactly the same as the front ? Thanks in advance .
  19. prostreeter600

    Thank You to all our Veterans

    Just wanted to Thank our Veterans and their families for their Service . I Apploud each and every Veteran out there that serve our country . .:thumb:
  20. prostreeter600

    DRAG & BRAG Videos

    Starting a new thread in hopes of seeing other member's videos of them Drag Racing their Duramax . At the track or on some country road. Let's see what ya got . Whether it be a Facebook link or a YouTube Link . Tell us a story about your race etc. Hence DRAG & BRAG Videos . Win or Loss . Mild...