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  1. DPC

    Random P0087 2017 L5P C&C

    Have a 2017 GMC 3500 C&C dual fuel tanks throwing a random P0087 (low rail), reduced power, sputters, then shuts off. Wait about a minute, start truck, and runs fine. Will not happen while driving, only when you start the truck. If you start the truck and it runs, it will not give you any...
  2. DPC

    2017-2019 T87A shift tables

    Are the part throttle shift tables active? Using HPtuners trying to raise part throttle shift points, no luck changing them do far. Thanks .
  3. DPC

    Late 2016 LML trans in an 18 L5P??

    Can a 2016 LML transmission be made to work in a 2018 L5P? Have a fresh built 2016 LML transmission, customer backed out. Understand the input shaft and converter are different. Anything else need changing or not possible? Thanks.
  4. DPC

    Moving to Phoenix, AZ

    Going to be moving to Phoenix here in the next few months. Trying to get an idea of where to go. Have an 11 year old so schools and safety are on the top of the list. Wife will be working at the VA hospital, want to keep her drive at 45mins max. I will also be moving an entire shop and the...
  5. DPC

    LB7: LB7 fuel in coolant, how?

    2004 stock lb7 sheared cam pin and bent pushrods nothing new...but the coolant has fuel in it, how could the fuel get to the coolant?? Pressurized the short fuel returns in the heads, no leaks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. DPC

    2015 C&C dual tank stock file wanted

    Looking for a bone stock 2015 C&C dual tank ECM file. I already checked the tune library. Below is the ECM info, thanks. Description E86B LML Duramax 15-16 ECM VIN 1GB4KYC88FF160858 Serial Number 864414900720 BCC ABY3 Security Seed $95F0 Calibration ID 12661877 HDW Number...
  7. DPC

    mysterious coolant system issue

    Truck is a 2012 LML with an H&S tuner, head studs, and a full delete kit. Has a new surge tank and cap. Water pump and thermostats changed when studs were done. The truck will get up to operating temp and some of the coolant will flow into the fender side of the surge tank. After the...
  8. DPC

    LML: Down pipe back exhaust?

    Down pipe back exhaust no longer available? I've noticed very recently many "big" diesel part sites no longer carry full exhaust systems. Basically 07.5 and newer are filter back only. I also checked Ram and Ford, same deal. I guess its back to ebay for diesel parts???
  9. DPC

    ABS module problem??

    06 LBZ has an odd braking issue. When the brakes are applied truck stops fine until just before you come to a stop. The steering wheel will see-saw back and forth like the front brakes are alternating back and forth. System has been bled 3 times, truck has braided steel lines. Automated...
  10. DPC

    Colorado 6L50 line psi

    I've been messing around with my 17 Colorado. How much line psi can these handle without causing problems on a stock transmission? The line psi table by RPM/Gear in EFI live shows 105. The max line PSI table shows 275 with a max clutch psi of 218 and a max PCA of 110. I was able to...
  11. DPC

    LML trans pressure boxes

    Any input on pressure boxes for the 2016 Allison? I see BD and ATS make one and wanted to see if they are any better then the G-solenoid mod. I've already done the solenoid mod and now have a transmission tore down with smoked C1 clutches. After building it I was thinking of adding a...
  12. DPC

    Fiberglass hoods

    I am looking for a link to a cheap fiberglass hood. The hood is going to be cut for a hood stack and waste gate, it will also get pinned. The only thing I can find when searching are the expensive cowl induction type hoods. Thanks for your time.
  13. DPC

    6" bellmouth/turbo horn intake

    Does someone make a 6" bellmouth/turbo horn inlet? 5" is the biggest I have been able to find, thanks.
  14. DPC

    Dropping rail with 3 CP3s?

    Having a rail pressure issue with my triple CP3 setup. Pumps: Valley pump is a reman II 45% with about 68K and 7 years old. It feeds the stock location LB7 distro block. 2nd pump is a 6.7 CP3 with about 48K feeds the back of the passenger side rail. 3rd pump is a LBZ pump with about...
  15. DPC

    Dyno setup/Load%/ gear?

    I was able to find a guy with a dyno close buy willing to test my truck, the only problem is that he is a gas only guy. He didn't think the dyno needed a load. What load do I need to have him start with to get a good reading, fairly big turbos GT45R/GTX47? Dyno has a dual current eddie...
  16. DPC

    Leaking LBZ pump

    I have a leaking CP3 pump. It's leaking from the weep hole on the front of the pump. Is there a fix for this? Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. DPC

    Deleting power brakes

    Has anyone deleted their power brakes and gone to a complete manual system for a drag truck? I would like to eliminate the the hydro-boost and all the ABS stuff. I have seen a few pullers do it but I don't think stopping power is as much of a concern. Again this is for a drag only truck, no...
  18. DPC

    16x10 with 6" backspace?

    I have been looking for a 16x10 aluminum wheel with 6 inches of backspacing, does such a wheel exist without going custom? Thanks for your time.
  19. DPC

    Transmission options

    I have a few questions for transmissions options in a possible super street truck 1. With advances in tech on the Allison will it hold 9.XX passes for a race season, or will tear downs be needed every few races? 2. If the Allison can be made reliable on 9.XX passes what kind of costs are...
  20. DPC

    Erratic line pressure

    This trans is in an 02 4x4, suncoast converter and GMAC 5-3 kit. The trans was working fine until it ate the flex plate, (no alignment dowels). Flex plate replaced along with dowels. The trans will only shift sometimes and has the following codes P0841 P1711 P1713 When I put a...