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  1. DuramaxRamRod

    FS: L5P Parts - WCFAB - Derringer - Stock Parts

    I have some L5P parts up for sale : Brand new WCFAB 3.5" Intake Horn (powdercoated black) with turbo surge ring, no PCV '17-'19 comes with the studs and o-ring seal - $200 shipped Brand new WCFAB 3.5" Downpipe, from turbo exit to exhaust - $350 shipped Used parts have just under 6,000 miles on...
  2. DuramaxRamRod

    L5P injector Torque specs

    Anyone have the hold down and return line torque specs for these?
  3. DuramaxRamRod

    L5P Drop In Turbos

    Anybody have any experience with Danville, Dan's Diesel, or Ryan's Diesel drop in L5P turbos? I was going to get a Danville drop in but then was told that current drop in turbos are having oil usage problems.
  4. DuramaxRamRod

    New L5P

    Pulled the trigger on a new 3500 L5P yesterday. What a difference compared to the LB7. Much nicer lol. Already got the Derringer mostly installed last night just have to hook up the idash to the cables in the cab. S&B intake is supposed to be here in a few days. Might add the dummy solenoid...