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  1. hdrolling

    Haven't been on since 2015

    Not sure what happened but it looks like I haven't been on this group since 2015, I think I needed a new laptop and just forgot to bookmark the forum. Anyways, sold my 09 LMM 3500 Dually for a 2018 Silverado dually back in 2018. Made a few changes since buying.
  2. hdrolling

    Couple of changes on my 3500 DRW

    I held out keeping my truck stock as long as I could. Added:Rare parts HD tie rods, Mag Hytec diff cover, projector headlights with 4300K Hid, LED tail and third brake lights, CTS 2 with Pyro, 17" rock star wheels with 265/ 70 Toyo MT's, Freds 2" spacers, westen bull bar w/ 20" Rigid LED light...
  3. hdrolling

    My trucks finally grown up!

    She just turned 100,000 miles today, and still running strong. It might almost be broke in now!:thumb:
  4. hdrolling

    No light under the hood, Why?

    I've never owner a car or truck that didn't have a hood light, is mine suppose to or do none of the LMM's come with an under the hood light?
  5. hdrolling

    Checking in from FT Polk La

    Picked up my truck last month and I'm searching for all the information I can, looking forward to finding some good info and learning some new tricks.