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  1. M.hulsey91

    LLY: My first oil change in the lly

    Just got the truck a few months ago. My first diesel. Coming up on my first oil change. What oil should I go with . Thanks in advance
  2. M.hulsey91

    Passkey light comes on while driving

    Last night was driving and the passkey security light lit up going down the road. Shut truck off fired right back up no problem no light. Only thing I've done to it yesterday was replace a led switchback bulb and try to adjust the hood latch to get the play out of my hood. It's a 2005 ccsb...
  3. M.hulsey91

    Lly build

    I have a 2005 lly 4x4. Wanting to build the motor a little. I was thinking head studs, injectors, air dog, efi redone, and intake. But have a question. How much roughly would it cost for the heads to be studded and injectors while they were in there?
  4. M.hulsey91

    Question: 05 lly. Ccsb what to let go of it for?

    I have a 2005 lly crew cab 4x4 160k loaded with touchscreen radio heated leather seats sunroof. Efi live leveling kit. Gooseneck hitch. Rebuilt trans (nothing special ) and new transfer case. I'm looking at trading it in for something smaller and easier on the wallet. What should I let it go...
  5. M.hulsey91

    LLY: Help quick exhaust

    I have a lly duramax I recently installed a MBRP exhaust system and transmission was rebuilt after that. I need a picture of the exhaust hanger at the transfer case as the trans shop can't find it.
  6. M.hulsey91

    Led Bar in grill

    Anyone have a 30inch led bar behind their grill on a 2005-2007 classic? I took it off my old truck before I sold it but it's a little tighter in there now and idk if the heat would be something to worry about?. Or should I just mount it outside the grill area somewhere.
  7. M.hulsey91


    I have 2005 2500hd with efi live with dsp5. I threw p0746 last night. Had a shop look at it and said the pressure controll solenoid was stuck off? They reset the dtc. Do i need to worry or should i get it rebuilt? Just get it serviced? Idk what to do with it.. suggestions? Please and thanks.
  8. M.hulsey91

    Efi live speedometer calibration

    I bought a truck a few months ago with efi live with dsp5 switch. I just got pulled over for 70 in a 60 and speedometer was reading 65. What are my options to recalibrate it? Can i recalibrate with a edge insight cts and get rid of dsp5 switch? Or do i need to get efi live completely redone? Thanks.
  9. M.hulsey91

    Roll coal call out by ford owner

    Had a mustang owner call me out today saying my truck couldn't roll coal. Needless to say. He disappeared behind me... Haha he owes me 20 bucks.
  10. M.hulsey91

    Knocking noise on bumps

    2005 ccsb lly. Sounds like something hitting the body? Idk how to explain it. Could it be a body mount? If so what do i do about it. Thanks
  11. M.hulsey91

    Sunroof leak

    I have a 05 with a sunroof and as the title states.... i have a leak.. its along the front driver side corner of the sunroof any ideals to make it stop?
  12. M.hulsey91

    Turbo vane position sensor

    So I threw a CEL on my 05 lly and pulled up 5 codes. 3 of the 5 said turbo vane position sensor 1 said o2 sensor and the other said low voltage in circuit. Im new to diesel engines so all help is appreciated
  13. M.hulsey91

    Hey from Indiana

    Just got my first duramax the other day. 2005 silverado 2500hd. Any tips or anything that i need to be worried about?. Has new injectors. 150k on the clock