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    Allison 5sp: Shift range inhibit after tcase service

    Hey guys so Saturday morning I went to a buddies house to change the tcase fluids. Truck has 167k on it and seems like it's never been serviced because the atf was black and thin. I reserviced it through the speed sensor hole with 3 qts of 5w30 mobile 1 synthetic. Went to leave and the truck...
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    Odd LLY problem

    Hey guys, so I got my 2005 GMC Sierra back in March this year. It ran great until a month after I got it. Started falling on its face at speeds between 45-55 mph, rpms run all the way to 3200 rpms so I don't think its limp mode. So I changed the fuel filter to a cat 2 micron, then I started...
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    New guy with odd LLY problem

    Hey everyone, just checking in and will be posting some questions in the appropriate threads. New to the diesel world but have a background with jet engines so I am willing to learn!