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  1. 2005redlly

    Cons of front locker drag racing

    Bump for more info on front lockers
  2. 2005redlly

    5 blade 475

    Has anyone ran the stainless 5blade 475/87/1? Are they worth the extra money? My truck will still be used as daily/weekend toy. Can’t find much about them on duramaxs. And how would it compare to a fmw475/.87/.9?
  3. 2005redlly

    Colorado Turbo Sounds

    I’m thinking about getting one if I get this new job. I need more of an daily over my lly now. It turned into a play truck of the years lol.
  4. 2005redlly

    Dmax store short block

    Has anyone purchased the short block from Dmax store that pre assembled? Looking at what route I want to go.
  5. 2005redlly

    33-12.50r17 pulling options

    I have been using general atx. Our tracks are always different. They seem to hook good.
  6. 2005redlly

    Bending frame pulling

    Won’t let me load anymore pictures
  7. 2005redlly

    Bending frame pulling

  8. 2005redlly

    Bending frame pulling

    I have a solid adjustable hitch turned upside down with a clevis. It bent the receiver about 1” down from bumper.
  9. 2005redlly

    Bending frame pulling

    Last weekend I bent the factory receiver, so I upgraded to the xd curt. This weekend I started to bend the end of the my frame. What are you sled pullers doing to prevent this. Thanks
  10. 2005redlly

    First real kill in the LBZ

    I killed a 2017 mustang 5.0 (he had atleast exhaust) roll racing 2 weeks ago. He stopped and damn wasn’t expecting that lol. I wasn’t even on my big tune and had a intercooler leak lol.
  11. 2005redlly

    Converter problems

    Diesel addiction.
  12. 2005redlly

    Converter problems

    So when Im about all the way stopped and feel a bump, what do you think im feeling? They said that it would get better. Probably have 1200 miles on it and feels the same. This is the same feeling I had when suncoast told them I had a bearing failure in front cover
  13. 2005redlly

    Converter problems

    I just had my second converter (1055-2) go out in 18000 miles. They told me that the first one had a bearing go out in it. Not sure about the second one yet. This time they put a 1073 and it. The third converter is downshifting hard right before I come to a complete stop like the first one did...
  14. 2005redlly

    Need help

    I'm at the track and downloaded 2nd gear start, now I have a security buzzing sound. What should I do? The tune works
  15. 2005redlly

    Seat covers

    Does anybody run the carhartt covers? Been thinking about trying them out.
  16. 2005redlly

    Questions about balance rates

    Another thing, I can let it idle for awhile and when I leave it leaves a big cloud of white smoke. So the injectors wouldn't cause the rough idle? And also a fuel leak somewhere in the valley area. The reluctor wheel came loose, and I got the truck truck somewhat cheap. Would the reluctor...
  17. 2005redlly

    Questions about balance rates

    Is the v2 capable of turning injectors off? I was told these injectors only have 45k on them. Would only replacing the bad ones be ok?
  18. 2005redlly

    Questions about balance rates

    You think it's cylinder 1 and5?
  19. 2005redlly

    Questions about balance rates

    Also sounds like a lope tune sometimes to me.
  20. 2005redlly

    Questions about balance rates

    I picked up a lb7 and it has a white haze and rough idle. I had my oil tested and it came back with high copper (67). No fuel in oil. Truck is warm and in drive Cylinder 1- -4 2-0 3- -1 4-0 5-4 6-1 7-1 8- -1 Warm in park 1- -5 2-1 3- -2 4- 1 5-4 6-1 7-2 8- -2 Wondering...