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  1. Rancelot211

    Injectors testing (Ohio)

    International fuel systems in findlay ohio. Ask for lee.
  2. Rancelot211

    Chevy1925 (James) Truck/motor build

    Ohio has definitely been humid and hot the past few weeks!
  3. Rancelot211

    Duramax Suburban Value

    If you want it tuned my buddy does great work. Hes in ohio though. Id def do a dod delete and tuning. It made a huge difference on my exs 4.8l. It was around 25hp and 70 ft lbs and a few mpg better average. Hartsel performance and tuning. 567-207-4159. Wouldn't hurt to give him a call and chat...
  4. Rancelot211

    67 c10 duramax build

    This is a slick build! Keep up the awesome work.:thumb:
  5. Rancelot211

    Best 6.0L tuner/tuning

    Hartsel performance & tuning llc. He is very good. We seen around a 60hp gain and 25 ft lbs i believe. The transmission shifted alot better also. He does alot of g8s around here. Way better then blackbear. He has people coming from 3 states over so he much do something right. He does have a dyno...
  6. Rancelot211

    Best 6.0L tuner/tuning

    567-207-4159. Give him a call his name is lucas. He is local to me and does very good work. I had him tune a 4.8l for me and it was well worth the money. We picked up quiet a bit of power and mileage was up as well.
  7. Rancelot211

    Need some insurance insight

    Check out esurance. I pay 70 a month for full coverage with an sr22 on my lbz. I switched from progressive. I got a dui back in 2014. Back then my insurance was 180$ a month then went up to 600 a month on my lmm after the dui. I then switched to esurance and it went down to 120ish for full...
  8. Rancelot211

    Turn signal staying lit up when headlights on

    Cool that's sweet that you only needed one. I hate having to use them due to how hot they get.
  9. Rancelot211

    Turn signal staying lit up when headlights on

    Alrighty wasn't sure if you used 2 resistors or 1 and if you just went off one wire or connected them across. Ill hopefully have time to play with it this weekend. Currently just have the 194s removed.
  10. Rancelot211

    Turn signal staying lit up when headlights on

    Did you put the resistor from one wire to the other on the 194s? Or did you t tap in into just one wire on each side of the truck? Seems as im just getting some voltage feedback on the 194s as i said because when i just leave the 194s out everything works fine. Doesn't matter if its an led or...
  11. Rancelot211

    Turn signal staying lit up when headlights on

    So add a resistor to the 194s up front or not? Lol kinda got derailed. I havent had much time to dig into it as ive been rebuilding my cluster.
  12. Rancelot211

    Turn signal staying lit up when headlights on

    Ill dig in to it more tomorrow. Just thought it was strange when i removed the 194s everything works fine. Thanks for the advice.
  13. Rancelot211

    Turn signal staying lit up when headlights on

    My 06 lbz has been giving me trouble and im looking for some help. Have switch backs for the front with built in resistors. The corner 194s are also leds. Everything works fine when the headlights are off. When i turn the headlight switch on or the auto function kicks in both turn signals stay...
  14. Rancelot211

    2019 ucc

    I willl be attending this year if everything goes as planned.
  15. Rancelot211

    Used Autocals on sale

    I sent a pm but the ones without a vin license will you still need to purchase one if the truck already has efi live on it?
  16. Rancelot211

    Used V2 for sale

    How old is it?
  17. Rancelot211

    Slapped around by a powerstroke

    We have a 12 f250 6.7. The only thing i like about it is the fact that we put around 3k in it to get 550-600hp. Stock trans is still holding strong. Just tuned and deleted with an exhaust. I hate how the exhaust sounds thought. Legit sounds like a weed eater.
  18. Rancelot211

    2 post car lift recommendations

    I wasn't sure how much room he has. I prefer challengers myself but I have a buddy with the one I posted and it does it's job. Atlas does make a good lift for the money too. It's all personal preference just like everything else I suppose.