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  1. 2005redlly

    5 blade 475

    Has anyone ran the stainless 5blade 475/87/1? Are they worth the extra money? My truck will still be used as daily/weekend toy. Can’t find much about them on duramaxs. And how would it compare to a fmw475/.87/.9?
  2. 2005redlly

    Dmax store short block

    Has anyone purchased the short block from Dmax store that pre assembled? Looking at what route I want to go.
  3. 2005redlly

    Bending frame pulling

    Last weekend I bent the factory receiver, so I upgraded to the xd curt. This weekend I started to bend the end of the my frame. What are you sled pullers doing to prevent this. Thanks
  4. 2005redlly

    Converter problems

    I just had my second converter (1055-2) go out in 18000 miles. They told me that the first one had a bearing go out in it. Not sure about the second one yet. This time they put a 1073 and it. The third converter is downshifting hard right before I come to a complete stop like the first one did...
  5. 2005redlly

    Need help

    I'm at the track and downloaded 2nd gear start, now I have a security buzzing sound. What should I do? The tune works
  6. 2005redlly

    Questions about balance rates

    I picked up a lb7 and it has a white haze and rough idle. I had my oil tested and it came back with high copper (67). No fuel in oil. Truck is warm and in drive Cylinder 1- -4 2-0 3- -1 4-0 5-4 6-1 7-1 8- -1 Warm in park 1- -5 2-1 3- -2 4- 1 5-4 6-1 7-2 8- -2 Wondering...
  7. 2005redlly

    Reluctor wheel

    I brought a lb7 were the reluctor wheel came loose. Been doing some research, but still have some questions. I fished out 2 out of 3 bolts. Do I need to find the last one, or will it be fine left in oil pan? What are the knock pins? And the reluctor wheel only goes on one way right...
  8. 2005redlly


    Is anyone running nmf (no more friction)? Someone showed me a video about it. Is there a need for it in a duramax.
  9. 2005redlly

    Looking for parts

    Where is a good place to order the 4l60 to 4l80 crossmember and wiring conversion. New to the ls stuff. Thanks
  10. 2005redlly

    Ppe dual fueler kit

    Is it worth the extra money to buy ii flexible high pressure line to feed passenger side rail or just feed both cp3 on driver side. Thanks
  11. 2005redlly

    12mm or dual fueler

    Not sure which route I want to go. Also does anyone have any deals or used ones. And do people still prefer the ppe kit over ats.
  12. 2005redlly

    A/c line

    I was driving this morning and heard a loud noise. Pulled over and opened up the hood and saw the a/c line that goes over turbo to accumulator burned a hole in line. What's the best way to fix this issue? Btw I thought I blew my truck up lol.
  13. 2005redlly

    1055/ goerend k

    Need a new converter. Can't make my mind up on which one is better for me. I don't tow very often but still like the option too. I'm going to be drag racing/ sled pulling/ and dd. Mainly dd. Truck details below.
  14. 2005redlly

    Bad day at track

    First pass went good 12:54 @109 Second pass- not so good lol I'm guessing it didn't lock into 4wheel drive so wHen I let go of the brake I got side ways/ spinning and all. Went back to the pit and knew I had a problem. But it made the hour trip home. What's my best option to fixing it. Vs...
  15. 2005redlly


    Can anyone give me any tips on using this in v8. I have used v7.5 before and know how to log with that. Can't figure out how to use bbx for logging. Thanks.
  16. 2005redlly

    Lly oil leak

    Went to the track last weekend and after my third pass I noticed a oil leak on the ground. So I got to looking around and there was a lot of oil in the valley. Cleaned up the oil and ran two more passes and same thing happened, so cleaned it up again and made the 2.5 hour trip home. But checked...
  17. 2005redlly

    Piedmont raceway Nc

    Going there tomorrow for some test and tune. Anybody else going to be there?
  18. 2005redlly

    Converter lock up logging

    How do you see with Efi live flashscan v2 when the torque converter is locking up. I'm under the scanV7.5 and on the PID (f8). Dont see anything about the converter. Thanks
  19. 2005redlly

    1073-3D 2600 stall

    Has anybody ran this converter with a s4xx turbo.
  20. 2005redlly

    2005 Gmc 2500 duramax

    2005redlly submitted a new Showcase Item: 2005 Gmc 2500 duramax Read more about this showcase item here...