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  1. dman777

    Dually racing drag cars

    Anybody know who this is racing at the KC cash days?
  2. dman777

    Killed a GT500 from a 40 roll

    Buddy from work just bought an 08 GT500. It's mostly stock with small pulley and exhaust. He knew my truck was fast so he wasn't talking trash and would not race me from a dig. So out of curiosity I agree to go from a 40 roll. I wasn't very confident in winning from a roll but I was pleasantly...
  3. dman777

    Duramax powered Colorado

    Sorry if this has been posted already. This thing is awesome! I want one!
  4. dman777


    I just installed a new flex plate with a new 1058 converter from Suncoast. Everything is back together but it's not acting right. I didn't touch anything in the trans besides changing the internal filter. It is a deep pan and I made sure that the new filter was for a deep pan. Napa part number...
  5. dman777

    World Finals!

    I know it's not for another couple months but I just received my invite to race in Super Diesel and I'm already getting excited! Who else?
  6. dman777

    Dmax Kill Cam 9.1

    I added some footage to my last video.
  7. dman777

    Hey all you trans experts

    There is a noise coming from my bell housing. Sounds just like an exhaust rattle but definitely in the bell housing. I did some research and I'm thinking it's my flex plate but it's not near as loud or sound the same as others I've seen on youtube etc. I can barely hear it from inside the truck...
  8. dman777

    Dmax Kill Cam 9

    The beast is alive!.......FINALLY!
  9. dman777

    Finally in the 11s and something bad happened!!

    I can finally say I own a 11s truck! I was super happy until my next pass I'm pretty sure I bent a pushrod. I will have some video up later to see what you guys think. It's a loud ticking noise.
  10. dman777

    Dmax Kill Cam 8

    Thanks to some of the guys on this forum I was finally able to work out some of the fuel leak issues I was having with the new to me lly I bought recently. I don't know if this is a kill cam worthy video since we got rained out and I was only able to get one pass in. I will post it since it is...
  11. dman777

    Mit usa lift pump help!!!!!

    Anyone know anything about the MIT USA lift pumps or know someone who does? Please don't hesitate to pm me with contact info or phone number. The pump is leaking real bad behind the pulley gear near the shaft going into the pump. I really need to get this thing going! Thanks guys!
  12. dman777

    On the cover of Diesel World

    The red Dmax on the cover of the October 2013 issue of Diesel World magazine is owned by a local guy (Hewitt TX) named Lee Allgood who owns LJC Performance and is a member here (DrededSS). The truck is SICK! You guys should check it out! If you don't have a subscription they are on store shelves...
  13. dman777

    Dmax Kill Cam 7
  14. dman777

    I can't decide!!!

    I have been reading so much info about converters I feel like my eyes are bleeding and I still can't decide which converter I want to go with! Stuck between 1058 and 1056. I will be using stock charger for the near future but I want to eventually go compound s475/stock. I like the 1058 but is it...
  15. dman777

    Dmax Kill Cam 6

    I've been posting these on Duramaxforum for awhile and thought I'd share with you guys. Enjoy! Hope to see some of you guys there July 27th!
  16. dman777

    Lly vs lbz!!!!!

    Two buddies from work are going to race today after work. LLY ECSB 4x4: Built trans, water/meth, max effort tune from Rob, and all supporting mods VS LBZ CCSB 2X4: Transgo jr, Danville 2.5, EFI Live by Lee Allgood at LJC Performance, and all supporting mods Two runs, one from a dig and one...
  17. dman777

    Fastest street race ever!

    1800hp vette vs 1500hp lambo. Filmed in Houston at TX2K13. Note the big truck at 0:17......Dmax?