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  1. Rancelot211

    Turn signal staying lit up when headlights on

    My 06 lbz has been giving me trouble and im looking for some help. Have switch backs for the front with built in resistors. The corner 194s are also leds. Everything works fine when the headlights are off. When i turn the headlight switch on or the auto function kicks in both turn signals stay...
  2. Rancelot211

    Lb7 fleece cheetah vs lincoln diesel 64mm.

    Looking for actual user feedback between the two turbos. I have both on the way but not sure which one I will end up installing on my truck.
  3. Rancelot211

    Glow plug help.

    Been looking around for a good deal on glow plugs for my 02 dmax. Has anyone had luck with some of the cheaper ones on ebay? Found a set of 8 for 80$ that are supposed to run warmer then factory. Any help would be appreciated. Cheapest ac delco ones i have found are 150$ for a set of 8.
  4. Rancelot211

    Lb7 rail pressure issues

    I picked up an 02 lb7. Truck has a slight lope at idle. Mostly when cold then comes and goes. When accelerating im about 10k below the desired fuel rail pressure but the trucks not throwing a code. I have an airdog 165gph but its not installed yet. Wonding if the fpr can cause this and why it...
  5. Rancelot211

    Lbz coolant line size

    Currently at work trying to order stuff. Does anyone know what size the coolant line is thats below the alternator on a lbz. Comes off the black tube that runs up from the water pump to the thermostat housing. Thanks.
  6. Rancelot211

    Which fan clutch is best for a lbz

    Im trying to find a new fan clutch for my lbz. Not sure which brand is the best for a stock replacement. If anyone could help it would be appreciated. Part number would be even better.
  7. Rancelot211

    Ford 6.7l help

    Was wondering if anyone on here had experience with the 6.7l power strokes. We picked up a 2012 not to long ago. Not sure if we can run regular coolant and just add the additive to it, or if we have to get the coolant from ford with the additive already in it. Truck is throwing a light for the...
  8. Rancelot211

    Sota/bmf wheels

    Have any of you had issues with the machined part of sota or bmf wheels? This is the second set that has got cancer on the machined part. I'm very disappointed with this as each set was 1650$. I ordered them on march 18th of last year. Any options or opinions would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Rancelot211

    Efi autocall help

    Mark sent me a new set of tunes yesterday. Quick bbx style. Went I try to flash them I'm getting a 0531 error. Is there anything I can do on my end to fix this or am I stuck waiting till after the holiday? Looked code up and didnt find much besides has to do with a serial number. I am using an...
  10. Rancelot211

    4x4 not working

    My 4x4 on my lmm isn't engaging. Used it once last year. Light on knob lights up. I can hear the transfer case engaging. I pulled the acuator out of the diff and it is extending. Same thing with 4 hi and low. Truck is jumpy in low so I'm assuming the t case is working properly. Any ideas on what...
  11. Rancelot211

    Lmm mileage

    What are you guys seeing for mileage on your lmms. Preferably with 33s and a crew cab!
  12. Rancelot211

    Adding line level converter

    Can anyone tell me which wires are for what under the cup holders for a 07-08 lmm. Adding a loc. So I can run a single sub. Was going to use a rear set of speaker wires but I've read it's better to hook them up before they go through the factory Bose amplifier. Any help is appreciated!!!
  13. Rancelot211

    Danville built motor

    Is anyone running Danville stage 2 street motor? Looking to get my motor built shortly. I want 1000hp for a daily driving. Didn't know if there is anything else I should have done while its out that doesn't come in that package deal. 20k is a lot of money to have to worry about anything at all...
  14. Rancelot211

    2007 Chevrolet 2500hd silverado

    Rancelot211 submitted a new Showcase Item: 2007 Chevrolet 2500hd silverado Read more about this showcase item here...
  15. Rancelot211

    2007 Chevrolet 2500hd

    Rancelot211 submitted a new Showcase Item: 2007 Chevrolet 2500hd Read more about this showcase item here...
  16. Rancelot211

    Need help with garage wiring.

    Have a stupid question but for anyone that's house hold electrical sappy. Just got done wiring a 240v outlet for my mig welder and also hard wired my 80gal 2stage compressor. Fuse box is a 200 amp. With all my breakers installed I'm up to about 240 amps total. Will this cause any problems? I...
  17. Rancelot211

    Trans downshifting cruise issue

    I've been battling a problem with my truck smoking while pulling any kind of grade in 6th with tc locked for a year now. It doesn't want to downshift but just bogs down. Even if I drop it to manual and put it in 5th without turning the cruise off it will stay in 6th. Only does it when using the...
  18. Rancelot211

    NorCal large fender mod help

  19. Rancelot211

    Reading tcm tune with autocal help

    Does anyone know how I can read my stock tcm tune with my autocal. Trying to figure out how to set the autocal up To do so but I'm not having any luck.
  20. Rancelot211

    Turbo question

    Put a 68mm stg2r on my lmm a few months ago. Truck had 80k stock turbo worked flawless. Gave it to my buddy to put on his lbz. He put it on and said it screams only around 2k rpm and up. Never drove it just sitting there reving it. Almost like the wheel was contacting the housing. Turbo sat for...