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  1. TheGryme

    Range Selection Mode......Not Working (or inhibited?)

    Hi All, A few weeks ago my truck started having the DTC U0101 Lost Communication With Transmission Control Module (TCM). After a bunch of research and trouble shooting I decided the TCM needed replacing. This did get rid of that DTC/ MIL.....mostly. I noticed yesterday the the trucks Range...
  2. TheGryme

    Today's second question, Auto Dimming Mirror

    Is there a test to see if my stock auto dimming mirror is actually working? At night I can't tell if it is dimming at all. The compass and Temp. read out work as well as the power and on-star buttons. Again, TIA!
  3. TheGryme

    Temp.Control Adjustment?

    Does anyone know if the dual temperature controls are temperature adjustable? I have to set mine to 90 degrees to be warm. I know it's really about 78 degrees...but that's what the digital readout says. TIA!
  4. TheGryme

    Waste Gate?

    Since I'm relatively new to owning a turbo'd diesel, I have a question. Does the LBZ have a waste gate on it somewhere? My only experience with turbos is from years ago when I worked at a shop that installed turbos on gas trucks and big RV's. They used waste did the race vehicles I...
  5. TheGryme

    u0101 code and Edge CTS2 not working.......!

    This sucks..... I put the CTS2 programmer in my truck about 3 months ago. It is bad ass! My mileage went up to 15 from 12.5! Anyways.....a few weeks ago I started getting a check engine light (U0101) in the mornings....especially when it was really cold (in the 20's) I could clear the U0101 and...
  6. TheGryme

    2007 Silverado 2500 HD Duramax throwing a Code U01 in the morning when it's "Really Cold".

    I live in the SoCal mountains at about 5000 feet elevation. The last 2 mornings it has been in the 20's when I leave for work. Both days my truck has had a U01; Lost communication with TCM error upon startup. I clear it via my Edge Diesel Programmer and it's fine. Any ideas on what this might...