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  1. Pure Diesel

    ACDelco filters TP3018

    I have always used this kind, the white ones. I order some new ones and these arrived. Are these some knock offs? The blue paint, "professional", the label upside down, and you can see directly through them is making me question them. Also look at the inlets. Here are some pictures. The first...
  2. Pure Diesel

    Nice article on Rick Fletes
  3. Pure Diesel

    no power to right trailer brake light

    Went out this weekend and was doing my double tow. All lights, blinkers, brake lights were working for the truck, 5th wheel and side x side trailer. Go to come home and I have no brake lights(right side) for the 5th wheel and side x side trailer. The truck has brake lights. Its gotta be a fuse...
  4. Pure Diesel

    Getting truck smogged problem

    I had Russ transplant a 2006 LLY in July of 2013. The truck has been great the whole time. The tuning is from ATP since the transplant and currently. I've kept it on tune #2 probably 80% of the time and when I go get it smogged I switch to tune #1. This has been the same procedure for the last...
  5. Pure Diesel

    Heat wave

    I live in the San Fernando valley of LA. All I know is how do some of you handle living in this heat. I'm calling out the ones in Vegas and Arizona. My weather station had us at 116 and 110 in the shade yesterday. Today was 112 and 104 but the humidity level was way up today. Thank goodness I've...
  6. Pure Diesel

    Extreme 4X4

    Nice job for So-Cal Diesel and Fleece Performance on Extreme 4x4.
  7. Pure Diesel

    Help w/ bed outlet

    Help. I put the 5th in storage 3-months ago. Outlet in the bed worked fine. Go to pick the 5th up for camping and nothing works. I plug the 5th into the outlet under the bumper and works fine. Now the only thing that has happened in 3-months, is I had a drop in bedliner and took it out for a...
  8. Pure Diesel

    2003 Gmc 2500hd

    Pure Diesel submitted a new Showcase Item: 2003 Gmc 2500hd Read more about this showcase item here...