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  1. paint94979

    Sig Sauer M18

    Looking at picking one of these up of you guys have one? Being in California im going to have to buy off roster from a cop... Looks like a great gun.
  2. paint94979

    Signs of a bad BCM

    Lately my trucks headlights start blinking and the unlock and lock buttons on my door panels dont work. BCM?
  3. paint94979

    1968 Chevelle SS396 325hp/M21 Numbers Matching Frame Off Restoration

    Owned this car since high school, bought from the previous owner whom was located in Milford, Ohio. It had a "frame on" restoration done back in 2003 and it came out nice, nice enough to get a look or two :D... Sadly ive left it at my parents house to die for the last 10 years. I decided to...
  4. paint94979

    LLY: Need a new headliner

    GM Parts Direct has a new headliner listed at $8xx.00 i can't remember... My front windshield is cracked so it would be a good idea to knock it out. Is $8xx.00 what i should expect to pay?
  5. paint94979

    PJ Trailers

    Im heading down to my local supplier to place an order for a PJ Dump (DM) 7x12 with welded in 48" side rails. Anyone have experience with these trailers?
  6. paint94979

    Where to buy an OBD2 connector

    I need an OBD2 connector for a 2015.5 LML. Ben has them listed on his website but before I order one is he still shopping parts? Anyone else sell them?
  7. paint94979

    LML Belly buster for you smart lads

    The truck in question is a 2014 LML... I had tuned it in February of 2017 and it was running quite well. Customer installed a batmo wheel but prior to that had complained of power loss. After the wheel install the loss of power persisted. Yesterday I had attempted to communicate with the ECM but...
  8. paint94979

    2018 L5P's

    Looking to pick up a new truck. I havent been keeping up with GM's updates have they worked out the bugs yet? Lots of emission issues previously reported on them right?
  9. paint94979

    Floorboard, accelerator and brake pedal vibration

    I've noticed over the last few weeks that my DS floorboard, accelerator and brake pedals are vibrating like a son of a bitch... no noises but the vibration is strong enough that my feet begin to tingle. I don't like it. I spoke with James for a bit tonight and he had some great ideas. Just...
  10. paint94979

    Bad motor mount?

    Acceptable amount of movement? I feel noticeable vibration on the brake and accelerator pedals in drive. FXteG4fXboA
  11. paint94979

    Anyone do graphic design here?

    looking for a company logo for my construction company. I prefer clean and simple no fruity colors or glitter :D
  12. paint94979

    Anyone live in or near Augusta, Georgia?

    Anyone going to the Masters this year? :D
  13. paint94979

    Do i have any friends on the East Coast?

    I need a favor :D
  14. paint94979

    2018 Denali L5P

    Damn I hate sounding like a snot faced little twat and with that said.... How do those that own an L5P in general feel about them? I'm gonna go test drive one... it's time to upgrade. 2100rpm on the highway with an S475 is getting to be a little much... I'm getting old
  15. paint94979

    Anyone have stock 2013 Cummins files?

    There's only one file that's listed on Trolls deposit... Gracias
  16. paint94979

    Who ports LB7 intake horns

    I believe there is a vendor here that offers ported intake horns? I am in need of one
  17. paint94979

    Matt aka SIKDMAX has passed away

    Mike Meyer posted an article on Facebook about it :(
  18. paint94979

    LML 2015 LML stationary mirrors to tow extending mirrors

    If this swap is done will the BCM need to be flashed?
  19. paint94979

    LMM Service Regen

    How long does this usually take? Truck is sitting at 2500rpm for at least 20 minutes now.
  20. paint94979

    EFI Live forced regen

    Anyone know if EFI Live is able to put a 6.7 into forced regen?