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    Kennedy Diesel

    Good to see some old names still rolling along .

    DEF Problems

    I see ya still pissed since ya got called out on the free parts carpet with your boss Diesel Place Nick , how did he work out for ya .:rofl: Best thing for short guys like you is to stay in your own 2001 threads , since you have nothing to add in a 2011 thread .

    DEF Problems

    I'd say this is by far the worst situation we have had with any new Duramax yet . I appreciate you keen attitude though .

    DEF Problems

    By your responses I'd say you havent even looked at one and dont know what you are yappin' about . We stopped running 01's in 02 .:rofl:

    DEF Problems

    Sure did . We just keep towing them back .

    DEF Problems

    Thanks for the help , I see you are as still useless as always .:hug:

    DEF Problems

    Dealer is telling us that we arent alone and there is no fix yet . None of our 11 Fords have frozen yet .

    DEF Problems

    Anyone got limp issues with the DEF on the 11's yet ? We got 2 that constantly will freeze and toss the truck into a 5mph limp mode .

    The Maine Virgin!

    The Maine Virgin! A Bangor woman of 40 wants to get married, but she is only willing to marry a Logger if he is still a virgin. After several unsuccessful years of searching , she decides to take out a personal ad in Uncle Henry's . She ends up corresponding with a man who has lived his...
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    Whats up there old fart ?

    Whats up there old fart ?
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    You still parts peddlin ' ?

    You still parts peddlin ' ?
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    Old Duramax owner

    Hi Mike .... got your pm .... Its damn funny to see it come full circle , lets see if we can get duke and nmu98 over here since they booth drive GM duramaxes now ..... :angel: Where is sdaver hiding ? I've been playing with this every chance I get .
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    GM Ends Production of Medium Duty Trucks

    Never owned one , they never caught on like the F 450 550 and strangely the Dodge 4500 5500 are fine . GM Ends Production of Medium Duty Trucks August 3, 2009 As reported by our friends at Automobile, the last GM medium duty truck rolled off the assembly line last week in Flint...
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    Question: What is your favorite brake controller?

    I use Brakesmart in the GMs and factory units in the Fords .....
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    partsguy emails

    Just PM Partsguy and see if he still has it ........:cool2:
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    partsguy emails

    The fart flying chocholate strawberry vid was the end for me ...:rofl:
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    Rusty tranny cooler lines

    Whats with the rusting of lines and fittings at the cooler and leaking ?
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    Wii graphics are pretty good, huh?

    :lol: Thats damn funny Scott !
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    Thanks MR QUICK !
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    Sick Of High Fuel Costs and Rising Food Costs?

    Wont make any difference . Speculation and Chinas thirst is the real problem. Supply is sitting on the open sea in tankers waiting for the Barrel price to go up and then they will come to port .