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  1. RMJ_LB7

    AR-15 parts & suggestions

    thank you for all the responses guys, I definitely am thinking streamlight. I just purchased a LAPG light for my 9mm and waiting to get it in to test it. Thank you tom for moving to the correct location, my bad. I have heard about Noveske yet have never tested one so I will do some research on...
  2. RMJ_LB7

    AR-15 parts & suggestions

    Good morning everyone! It is time that I finish my .556 and get some practice in. I already have the lower, upper, bolt carrier, charging handle, grip, butt stop and a vertical foregrip. I was curious on what you guys recommend for a barrel (length and brand) , gas tube, hand guard and also...
  3. RMJ_LB7

    VGT turbo controller for lb7??

    The VGT do sound awesome! I have heard a LB7 with a exhaust brake and it had a hint of sound like VGT turbo at idle.
  4. RMJ_LB7

    Info: 1/4 mile 10.999 second or quicker Duramax-powered list

    It was awesome to see all 3 different truck hit 10 second passes at truck mania in California last weekend! Congrats to those guys!
  5. RMJ_LB7

    Another smoker....

    Those races are always staged, how is it that every time they go out they find a race lol. I remember watching this video a few years back and shaking my head.
  6. RMJ_LB7

    Easy 30-40HP

    Someone send this to banks so he can get it dialed in!
  7. RMJ_LB7

    2002 CCSB LB7 tow rig/daily now turning into fun daily :)

    Picked up these 20x9 wheels for only $150 so going to throw some street 285.50r20 tires on it for when I take the truck to the track and just nice summer setup. Now just need a built transmission to be able to shift to 5th gear on a good tune!
  8. RMJ_LB7


    So far have tuned 6 different trucks with tunes from Danville and they are nothing but amazing. Super smooth throttle, not super aggressive. So far from customers that I have installed his tunes into there rigs, have heard nothing but great things. One customer had drastically lower engine...
  9. RMJ_LB7

    New to me s10 blazer

    How light are those little rigs? Should be a fun build!
  10. RMJ_LB7

    5-speed rebuild kit

    You are a genius... Thank you! Would you recommend Evan's kit instead of goerend's rebuild kit?
  11. RMJ_LB7

    5-speed rebuild kit

    Does it allow slippage?
  12. RMJ_LB7

    2002 CCSB LB7 tow rig/daily now turning into fun daily :)

    I would love to go that route however I was wanting to pull in the work stock class so wanted a stock appearing engine bay.
  13. RMJ_LB7

    2002 CCSB LB7 tow rig/daily now turning into fun daily :)

    I found this great deal on a 64 G2 Stealth turbo, should I snatch it up?
  14. RMJ_LB7

    2002 CCSB LB7 tow rig/daily now turning into fun daily :)

    Would you recommend more around the 60% over size injectors? I figured tuner would be able to tune down the injectors and would be running less US so less chances of cracking a piston? I could be completely wrong but I thought it was always better to run less US.... Would you recommend going to...
  15. RMJ_LB7

    2002 CCSB LB7 tow rig/daily now turning into fun daily :)

    What fuel setup are you running? Any other mods?
  16. RMJ_LB7

    2002 CCSB LB7 tow rig/daily now turning into fun daily :)

    Well now that I sold the shorty race truck, I had an itch and tuned my truck with Danville tunes. That was a huge mistake as now my daily/tow rig will be getting some fun upgrades soon. My goal is a stock appearing engine bay that will still be able to tow decently but be making around...
  17. RMJ_LB7


    I hopefully will gain pictures of the turbo, and also other people that aren't to sure if this is a good deal will know it is... Are you upset about something?
  18. RMJ_LB7


    $550 is an insanely good price! Please post pics
  19. RMJ_LB7

    Got a new alarm...I remember why I work on my own shit

    Ive been wanting to upgrade my alarm system as well to the compustar and now this is making me want to do it myself...
  20. RMJ_LB7

    Towing Compounds

    Thats my concern as well, I have been wanting to swap the escalade seats into my truck since mine are ripped but standalone might be an issue. Wouldnt be able to just make switches?