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  1. RMJ_LB7

    AR-15 parts & suggestions

    Good morning everyone! It is time that I finish my .556 and get some practice in. I already have the lower, upper, bolt carrier, charging handle, grip, butt stop and a vertical foregrip. I was curious on what you guys recommend for a barrel (length and brand) , gas tube, hand guard and also...
  2. RMJ_LB7


    So far have tuned 6 different trucks with tunes from Danville and they are nothing but amazing. Super smooth throttle, not super aggressive. So far from customers that I have installed his tunes into there rigs, have heard nothing but great things. One customer had drastically lower engine...
  3. RMJ_LB7

    2002 CCSB LB7 tow rig/daily now turning into fun daily :)

    Well now that I sold the shorty race truck, I had an itch and tuned my truck with Danville tunes. That was a huge mistake as now my daily/tow rig will be getting some fun upgrades soon. My goal is a stock appearing engine bay that will still be able to tow decently but be making around...
  4. RMJ_LB7

    02 LB7 Trans De Fueling

    I have been having fun writing a couple of tunes and think I have gotten to a decent street/DD tune. However the truck is wanting to Defuel really badly and was reading about it all night last night and from what I could gather everybody is saying fix the de fuel through the ECM and not the TCM...
  5. RMJ_LB7

    LB7 previous allison, now 4l80e wiring

    Was curious if anyone could help me out with the wiring for the 4l80e... I have removed the TCM and already know that the tuner will send me a Manual ECM tune when needed. I was wondering since I removed the TCM if I can also remove all the wiring that goes to the ECM as well. Trying to...
  6. RMJ_LB7

    LB7: Tow rig changes

    I picked up this 02 Crew Cab Short Bed from an older gentlemen that has all the maintenance records since he owned it. It was completely stock with only 156k miles and 4wd. About a week after owning it I debadged the truck, straight piped it and put some used 20 inch wheels on it. Here is a...
  7. RMJ_LB7

    2wd Street tires?

    I have been debating about what to run on the street to be able to hook up, at least somewhat hook up. What are you 2WD guys running in the rear to hook up on the street?
  8. RMJ_LB7

    Single Cab Short Bed LB7 2WD build/INTRO

    Good morning everyone! I am already pretty far into my build but here is some pictures that will be able to fill you guys in. I picked up this Federal Emissions LB7 for $2400 and was suppose to just fix the power steering pump (Only thing that was wrong) and ended up removing the long bed...