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    "OFFICIAL" What did you do to your D-Max today?

    Drove it a little. Hoping it doesn't self destruct anytime soon!
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    LB7: Low Oil Sensor Leak.

    The low oil sensor on my truck is leaking and I am having trouble finding out info on how to repair it. Is there a certain gasket or seal that goes behind that retainer clip? Any info would be appreciated!
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    Weird wif issue

    I had an issue with mine a few years ago too. Turned out to be one of the wires had rubbed through and was making a connection that turned the light on. Might be worth looking into it.
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    What are you paying for Diesel in your area?

    Here in southern Alberta it is anywhere from $4.38 to $4.90 a gallon for diesel. Why did I move here?!?! Everything is expensive here from houses to a case of beer. One can't even afford to have fun! LOL!;)
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    Moving to Southern Alberta

    That is what happens when you do immigration the legal way! Wind. Let us not talk about this phenomena...
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    Moving to Southern Alberta

    Made it! Finally! Been here about a month. -16*F?!?! Welcome to the cold!
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    New toy - Not a Duramax but it still smokes

    I had a buddy that bought one of these a while ago. Might have been a duce and a half though. Got it reconditioned from a military auction in Missouri I think. Has a Cat engine in it. Does maybe 50 mph. 6 wheel drive, tire inflation on the fly. A nice toy. He lives out in the country and was...
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    Kinda missed this part! Better late than never!

    Welcome to the forum! Lots of good info here! I am actually moving to Alberta in early November.
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    Heating heated mirrors

    So I got me some good ole' tow mirrors for the truck and they do have the heated option. I think that the wires are there in the harness that goes to the mirror, but I was wondering what it would take for me to make them work. I have an empty switch in my homemade panel that I could use. Any ideas?
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    Sucks! Hope your recovery goes well. My wife is an RN on an orthopedic floor were she deals with this stuff all day. I showed her the x ray and she picked out all the Dr.'s mistakes.
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    "OFFICIAL" What did you do to your D-Max today?

    I enjoyed this feeling also a few years ago. Then come the worry that something catastrophic would happen!
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    Brake problems

    Mine get 'soft' too. Seems to be the way they are. I have had the ABS module electronically bled off and that seems to work for awhile. Annoying more than anything. Maybe I will have to check into the abs sensors.
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    Service 4wd message

    I would got it too once in awhile. Turned out the 4WD actuator was going bad. Then it was a connector on the drivers side of the tranny/t-case that gets hit with stuff while you are turning to the left. Can't remember exactly.
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    Rings wore out?

    This is the plan!
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    Rings wore out?

    Wish I had the money to do something about it. I am guessing that would involve pulling the motor apart??
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    Rings wore out?

    Almost a year later! Better late than never! Had compression test done and the glow plugs replaced. All cylinders were between 420 and 440 except for one at 375. Also there was only one functioning glow plug! He had 2 of them bust off, but still managed to get them out. Now it will start good...
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    Any "pro tips" for stripping waxy crap off the frame

    Just leave it. You will never win anyways!
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    Yellow antifreeze

    we use some 'yellowish' coolant in our shop for our trucks. Supposedly it can be mixed with other coolants and not be a problem. I just take the bosses word for it and don't ask questions!:thumb:
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    Question: Light wiring

    I have it rewired already and I used a relay. Much better now!!
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    LB7: My LB7 just committed suicide

    Shiny things!:D