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  1. TOMAN

    Trans cooler

    I have a mishimoto on mine. Normally runs 60-70 over ambient temperature. X2
  2. TOMAN

    2002 Allison spiking heat temps

    Had all the same thing with my 02 gmc , it was the TCM temps going over 200 and the hard shifts 4 to 3 and 3 to 2 , got some hard upshifts too , with over 900,000 mile replaced the TCM and all is good , I didn't have any codes ? , been 6500 miles and working good with used TCM out of a 01 ...
  3. TOMAN

    How to tell if it is the power steering pump or the steering box?

    Put a LML pump on old red and yes it is higher pressure and volume more vains in the pump , working good with a Red head box new hoses and a hydro boost , had a lot of slop , it was the lower steering shaft , replaced with a Dorman and all is good , made a HUGE differnce ACDelco GM Original...
  4. TOMAN

    Cracked Piston solutions?

    Your good have 6 rebuilds with new mahle Pistons no balance my truck has 165,000 on it 685 HP and a can hauler with 350,000 miles and running good Not balanced
  5. TOMAN

    Cracked Piston solutions?

    LBZ pistons suck
  6. TOMAN

    Cracked Piston solutions?

    Running the same piston in my LbZ block , no balancing I have 165,000 miles runs and sounds good , all is good with the oil test too , built 6 so far with the same pistons no balancing , one has over 350,000 miles car haulers all is good
  7. TOMAN

    Limp mode

    can there be a common ground point for all of these? X2 and X3
  8. TOMAN

    LML P0708 and P0706

    Dorman lifetime warranty , I think 285.00 or so
  9. TOMAN

    2006 charging at 15.8V

    Had a bad regulator inside a new GM alternator years back (UNDER WARRANTY), it was putting out 16.9 , new alternator and all was good.
  10. TOMAN

    Best rotors , work good for me
  11. TOMAN

    LBZ Power Steering/Steering Gear Issues

    red hed box is working super good for me and put in a new updated GM pump,This is a 2008-10 LMM Duramax version. I opened unit up and inspected it. It is new, and yes from China. It is a dealer over the counter version part, I even compared GM tags on side of box and on pump. It's a 12 vane...
  12. TOMAN

    Coolant leak

    When the temp starts to change like summer to fall my oil cooler will leak for a week or 2 then stop till spring ? Has been doing this for 600,000 mile. I did changed the oil cooler and it dose the same thing ??? Seen this on a lot of trucks
  13. TOMAN

    precision industries converter

    Have 9 Goerend in truck and all is good so far see below, replaced all the NonPrecision with Goerend HD Billet Stator Triple Disc Allison Torque Converter 2001-2016 and all is good
  14. TOMAN

    precision industries converter

    My Suncoast has over 700,000 on it , all is good
  15. TOMAN

    precision industries converter

    7 trucks with Precision in my area have all failed under 15,000 mile and they will not do a damn thing to help ,BS must be made in chine ,what gose around comes around, just got a call from a frend his just shit after 8000 miles WOW no help
  16. TOMAN

    GM Trucks 1/4 Million Mile + Club

    481,000 :) still runs grate
  17. TOMAN

    LB7: Congrats to JRODSLB7!!!!

    Im sure justins truck will make alot more than that once he gets his back from the shop (I hope so) That tune in a LB7 with the same turbo Justin has did 640 hp 1090 tq last mo.In my area we have 31 trucks with about the same tune,lots of smoke and fun but the ford boys don't like me :roflmao:
  18. TOMAN

    LB7: Congrats to JRODSLB7!!!!

    WOW that is a good one :beer hope J's truck come up to that after the trans,how dose it pull with that tune
  19. TOMAN

    weird popping coming from front end

    I have had the pop for 200,000 miles,new everything no help