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  1. AZlml

    In need of custom bolt

    I might give this a try, never thought about that and it'll be fairly inexpensive. Called them with no luck as well, we buy tons of random stuff at work from them but this stumped em. I'll check them out just to see if such a bolt exists somewhere without being custom made but so far it's not...
  2. AZlml

    In need of custom bolt

    Anyone on here that works at a machine shop have the ability to make a custom bolt? I'm looking for (2) 3/4-24 x 2.75" grade 8 hex head bolt with no shoulder (has to be threaded up to the head). I cannot find such a thread pitch for a 3/4 bolt anywhere, but taps and dies are all over the...
  3. AZlml

    67 c10 duramax build

    Wow that green on the piping looks amazing. What color you going for on the C10?
  4. AZlml

    LML Sta Bil Diesel Fuel stabilizer for long term storage

    Batteries being stored on a concrete floor only have issues with large temperature swings. Temperature is the biggest factor to a batteries life span other than under/over charging and vibration. AGM batteries are more forgiving then traditional lead acid for storage because they are more...
  5. AZlml

    Fantastic Goddess Awaits

    "She" wants a lot but what do we get in return..? Built motor and trans, twins? Asking for a friend of course..
  6. AZlml

    New-to-me LML!

    Didn't know that color was an option for these trucks.. Very nice!
  7. AZlml

    2015.5 LML Coolant Issues

    Every 5-10k miles I have to top mine off after getting the low coolant light. Originally thought the water pump, did it at 80k. 55k miles later (45k of them deleted and tuned) I still mysteriously lose coolant with no signs of it leaking anywhere. Haven't pressure tested the cooling system but...
  8. AZlml

    FLIR / Thermal Imager

    100.7 I believe. It was whatever the CDC advised a month or 2 ago. I agree with your point, way too many variables when dealing with skin. Corporate contract years ago would be my guess. I used a Flir when I took my level 1 thermography cert but other than that always been Fluke. I made all...
  9. AZlml

    FLIR / Thermal Imager

    Every employee is IR scanned before entering the production floor at our warehouses. They are on tripods directed at your head and give a reading out for the highest temp spotted so someone can view the number. It's not perfect but it's pretty close when comparing to a reading taken from one of...
  10. AZlml

    FLIR / Thermal Imager

    What about skeletons in your closet??
  11. AZlml

    FLIR / Thermal Imager

    I've used a few different fluke thermal imagers over the past couple years at work for our predictive maintenance program. Our newest model is a Fluke Ti480 pro, close to $10k but it is pretty slick. Built in wifi uploads pictures directly into their software to create reports on bearings...
  12. AZlml

    How's everyone doing with this virus crap?

    I still have my first bike from when I was maybe 7 or 8. 1980 YZ50. It has a clutch with 5 gears and definitely can move around an adult! All the older bikes/quads/3 wheelers are getting very hard to find. Europe is buying them up like crazy and the parts to go with them. OEM plastics are...
  13. AZlml

    What did you do at work today?

    Took the week off to work on my C10 and other projects that never seem to get done.
  14. AZlml

    CP4 market?

    I didn't even think twice about throwing mine in the garbage.
  15. AZlml

    How's everyone doing with this virus crap?

    Some of the satellite images showing the changes in air quality are hard to ignore. I've noticed a difference in Phoenix air quality and visibility. I'm fortunate enough to be "essential" and work in an Amazon warehouse doing equipment maintenance. They need people to work, and are willing to...
  16. AZlml

    Clock not showing up

    Worked great thanks for the help guys. 660 was the pin.
  17. AZlml

    Clock not showing up

    I replaced both batteries a few days ago and the clock disappeared on me. I can go to the clock menu but when I try to change the time it does nothing. All other functions work on the display. I tried disconnecting both batteries, still nothing. Any ideas? (Clock is in top right corner)
  18. AZlml


    Buddy of mine threw a rod at 70k on his F150 Ecoboost towing about 7k. That was about 5k miles after the dealer replaced passenger side manifold and turbo.
  19. AZlml

    Drag week 2019

    You too, good group of guys! It was a cool experience for sure. I wish we had something like that on the left coast, the drag scene out east is much bigger.