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  1. The A Team

    Which Goerend for a GTX4294R?

    100% agree! I run a J in my truck with just a single 68mm VGT. I know way too much converter for my application had originally planned to run a S400 based turbo, but it drives very nice and truck rolls into boost instantly. Track times are great with it and street fun is all time high.
  2. The A Team

    Anyone ever use a dragy?

    They are about as close as you will find. Everyone I race with uses them, so do I and compared to track times its within a few hundredths on ET and mph is with in a tenth.
  3. The A Team

    Stroker pump vs dual pumps

    Ive had a exergy 12mm I got from Danville I think 8 years ago running strong and have been in 2 of my trucks for street and drag racing use. Never had a issue and always hold rail on point.
  4. The A Team

    Edge CTS 2 vs CTS 3

    I agree I like the CTS2 over the 3 at this time anyways. I sell a lot of these and personally I do not see the 3 being faster then the 2 but I do think the 2 has smoother operation and less glitches.
  5. The A Team

    Just a smidge more for 4’s

    Awesome work Tony and team!
  6. The A Team

    Van thermostat housing

    I always use LML upper hose.
  7. The A Team

    Reading DSP-5 and de-tuning??

    You can flash over the current file with your new tune yes.
  8. The A Team

    beadlock question

    Does anyone have any pictures of there Real Wheels they are running? Thinking about investing in a set so I can run a bigger tire.
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    Twins with Twins, Anyone?

    I have a 7 year old Exergy 12mm pump and never had a issue still running strong today. I have seen those failure on other brands, and a few times on stock OEM pumps.
  10. The A Team

    Goerend J vs suncoast 10531

    I would suggest the R as well. Just installed one in a customers LB7 truck running a single 369 with 65% overs and it lights the turbo quick and stalls nice on the brakes.
  11. The A Team

    Top 53 RWYB Street Legal List

    I guess I can jump onto this one as well. Same passes I made to get on the 1/4 mile list 10.48 @ 132.24 followed by a 10.52 @ 133.02 Truck is 07 GMC RC/LB weight 6000 lbs, tire M&H 12x16 slick. Stock engine, Danville tuning, drive it almost every day in the summer and drive it to the track and...
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    lowered truck pics

    I also run Viking dual adjustables on the rear and coilovers on the front.
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    Lock up box

    I run a DHD lock box and no complaints.
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    lb7 turbo intake horn is it worth the money and time on a stock lb7

    One of the few bolt ons that you can actually feel the improvements while driving.
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    lowered truck pics

  16. The A Team

    Tuning an LBZ/ZF6

    Thats the life of a manual not having the torque multiplication of a converter.
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    I'm going to have to retire.

    Well deserved time off, and hop everyone is doing well!
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    beadlock question

    I have 2 tire setups depending on the surface I am on. By no means a professional racer just do it for fun. Track setup is just your basic 16x10 steel wheel with a M&H 12x16 running tubes. I have found my best traction is in the 17-20 psi range (burn out shows full contact with road) and have...
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    Goerend J vs suncoast 10531

    The J is a great converter! Run one on my truck street and track and love it! Spools quickly and ramps into boost on the street fast with minimal throttle input.
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    1/4 mile discussion and time slips post here!

    Ya the truck performed amazing this year! Soon Simons old daily will be going faster then his race truck lol.