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  1. i_keyser

    Electrical issue not common

    Are there codes in anything? I would guess you are getting some U1000 Loss of communication codes.
  2. i_keyser


    lift heavy, eat a lot, get big. crossfit is ok once or twice a week for some cardio.
  3. i_keyser

    Dpc 2014

    it was keyed, the cam siezed and the gear spun.
  4. i_keyser

    bandimere 2014 schedule

    I wait 1 or 2 usually
  5. i_keyser

    bandimere 2014 schedule

    so true. its fun to go and watch but frustrating to try and run. ill be up there as much as possible this summer though! im excited to see how my new charger is going to run.
  6. i_keyser

    PPE VS DuraMileage VS hardware changes

    save yourself money in the long run and go with efilive. PPE is alright but is still just another canned tuner and duramileage is a joke.
  7. i_keyser

    5.3 performance???

    craigslist is a good place to look for the heads but look at the ones on his motor first, it may already have them on it. they are stock GM heads but they flow a little better than the others. as far as a cam you can get an ls6 (i believe) cam from GM and its a good upgrade or you can check out...
  8. i_keyser

    5.3 performance???

    799 or 243 heads, custom grind cam, ls6 valve springs, headers, full exhaust and a good tune should get you there or close
  9. i_keyser

    Ideas on Dash Cam setups

    where are you at now? sorry for the hijack :D
  10. i_keyser

    Allison 5sp: Pulling out my GD hair

    what are you reading them with?
  11. i_keyser

    Allison 5sp: Pulling out my GD hair

    if it is limping then its setting a code in something. the only way you are going to fix this without spending way too much money throwing parts at it is to get a code to go off of.
  12. i_keyser

    LML Info on BCM codes

    you can reprogram the door module so it knows that the tow mirrors are there instead of the smaller ones, then that should clear up any problems in the BCM
  13. i_keyser

    Jkholder's dirty laundry (cleanup from EPR bridge thread)

    my question with Dmitri is what will he do when he actually has to diagnose a problem with a transmission like what is going on with minerigger's? its all fine and great that he can make power with some expensive turbos and a lot of fuel and claims to be a duramax "guru" but knowing how to...
  14. i_keyser

    Dmitri Millard (Ghetto Foggin)

    holy hell. one thousand facepalms to you OP
  15. i_keyser

    Add another build to the list

    lame! time for an upgrade
  16. i_keyser

    Add another build to the list

    that's no joke. it was way too hot last year. how long until you can lay some wood to the new build and really test it out?
  17. i_keyser

    Add another build to the list

    yeah im going to race this year again. hopefully I can get some consistent 12's out of mine.
  18. i_keyser

    Add another build to the list

    looks good! cant wait to see it at truckfest this year.
  19. i_keyser

    LML Snapped Crank

    i have seen one that broke. it was a 3500 that had a ton of miles (don't remember exactly how many) and was driven hard through the mountains with a big trailer. crank snapped in the middle. truck was completely stock.