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  1. CDmax16

    Hot Shot Secret vs Optilube

    How much of the EDT are you using?
  2. CDmax16

    January '23 Chat -- "New Year, New Gear!"

    Just head up the hill a little, we’ve been getting hammered in the Sierra’s. All that rain you’re getting is turning to snow at about 5000’.
  3. CDmax16

    Quiet today

    Cleaning the shop so I can tear into that turbo.
  4. CDmax16

    White/gray smoke when warm

    Thanks for the help guys. I have a three day weekend so I will dig into it and report back.
  5. CDmax16

    White/gray smoke when warm

    I’ll get a better video of it this weekend. Any way to do some troubleshooting?
  6. CDmax16

    White/gray smoke when warm

    Not a great video but gives you the idea. And now that I watched it closer does the smoke look a little blue? Source:
  7. CDmax16

    White/gray smoke when warm

    I’m looking at diesel compression testers now, I have a gas one that only goes to 300#. I have a couple of videos of it, I’ll try and figure out how to post or link them.
  8. CDmax16

    White/gray smoke when warm

    Yes it’s the LML, that injector is not part of the equation.
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    White/gray smoke when warm

    Can anyone help me figure out what to do next to diagnose why my truck started blowing white smoke. I have only been able to get it to do it once the truck is up to temp and accelerating, it will start to smoke a little at idle and then leaves a pretty good cloud when I get going. Truck has...
  10. CDmax16

    Nitro Worm Gear Differentials

    I put Nitro gears in the front, no posi. Both gear sets were easy to get a good pattern, and run pretty quiet.
  11. CDmax16

    Nitro Worm Gear Differentials

    I installed the Nitro unit along with their 4.30 gears about 3 years ago. I haven’t had any issues and the gears are pretty quiet. The posi unit came in a Nitro box, but it had AAM cast into the body. I suspect it is the same unit that AAM puts in the Ram rear ends.
  12. CDmax16

    LLY rear axle - weird wear on edge of gear

    You still have the 3.73’s in there?
  13. CDmax16

    Need some advice on car-buying/selling sites

    We just sold my wife’s 2015 Buick Enclave to Carmax last weekend. We were looking at a Yukon at the Porsche dealer that was across the street from Carmax. The Porsche dealer offered us $15k for the Buick on trade-in. Went to Carmax and got an appraisal for $21.500. Sold it to them on the spot...
  14. CDmax16

    AGM vs Flooded , what to pick

    I went with ac delco agm. Summit had them in stock for $160 a year and a half ago. I wouldn’t mind getting 6-8 years out of them, one of the original ones barely made it 3.
  15. CDmax16

    Happy New Year 2022!

    Happy New Year everyone!
  16. CDmax16

    2014 Camaro SS LML Build Thread

    Very cool build.👍🏻
  17. CDmax16

    LB7: 02 LB7 Audio Overhaul

    Yeah, me either, been remodeling the house and yard for 6 months. Finishing up the kitchen in the next few weeks, and then I get to play with the truck.
  18. CDmax16

    LB7: 02 LB7 Audio Overhaul

    Did you get your system done?
  19. CDmax16 Stickers

    Thanks James, they’re awesome.