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  1. Kentucky DuraMax

    Anybody have any 1/2 mile info?

    I read in DP magazine "Ludicrous Speed" and DW magazine"Red Rocket" a while back a guy was running the half mile. Don't know if it helps but his name is Jay Wilson and its a red 2004 extend cab and said a lot about DTS in the articles. :thumb: I know that 1/2 mile jazz ain't for the faint of...
  2. Kentucky DuraMax

    Weight Lifting/Body Building/Strong Man/Training thread

    I never thought for the life of me there was a thread on this forum like this. I don't know how you guys work, workout, work on your truck, have a wife, and have time for this forum posting. Where is there time? You guys crack me up, I guess there will be a wife finding thread on here next I...
  3. Kentucky DuraMax

    differnece between two sinister delete kits?

    The more expensive one replaces the whole cold side pipe including the grid heater. The less expensive one just basically caps everything off. Both still delete the EGR system. There are better and cheaper alternative EGR deletes out there. IMO I don't like sinister to flashy to expensive. hope...
  4. Kentucky DuraMax

    New member

    Well throw that bullydog away and get EFILive.
  5. Kentucky DuraMax

    New member

    Welcome. If you get and AirDog make sure it is the ADII or ADII 4G they are better less problems. AirDog gets my vote cause I had to deal with there customer who were amazing. The pump got messed up by really crappy(by crappy fuel I mean the tank and AirDog were as nasty as a 300K egr) fuel...
  6. Kentucky DuraMax

    Help: Towing with your dually!

    Wow! Sounds like the "frame beaming" problems from the older models. Hopefully it isn't.
  7. Kentucky DuraMax


    threads like this is why I love this forum
  8. Kentucky DuraMax

    Ati Damper with Arp Bolt Issue

    or eclectic fans
  9. Kentucky DuraMax

    Ati Damper with Arp Bolt Issue

    Yes, they are different
  10. Kentucky DuraMax

    Elect. Fan Cooling -Flex-a-lite 284 '

    Also, try this.
  11. Kentucky DuraMax

    LBZ electric fans ?

    Thanks for all the responses and PICs. I have finally completed it my install and.... I custom did/redid the brackets to make it sit lower down on the radiator. It will still work with the provided brackets just a preference thing to change them. I didn't use the TCM bracket because I relocated...
  12. Kentucky DuraMax

    LBZ electric fans ?

    Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone out there is running the flex lite dual electric fan on their LBZ. I know they only make them for 01-05. Why wouldn't it work on the LBZ? I have seen these ran on some pretty badass LB7's that are multi-purpose and seem to do fine. Any info or insight...
  13. Kentucky DuraMax


    Well I think I qualify for this I'm in Guam and this is one of my LBZ's.
  14. Kentucky DuraMax

    GM Trucks 1/4 Million Mile + Club

    My 2007 lbz dually at about 377K now just the last pic I have
  15. Kentucky DuraMax

    New EGR Delete kits

    Thanks JD Dave for the link so guess i should ask a little differently are the new behind the alternator kits going to have a differenace in price compared to Tony's old over the alternator kits
  16. Kentucky DuraMax

    2007 Chevrolet 2500 hd silverado classic

    Kentucky DuraMax submitted a new Showcase Item: 2007 Chevrolet 2500 hd silverado classic Read more about this showcase item here...
  17. 2007 Chevrolet 2500 hd silverado classic

    2007 Chevrolet 2500 hd silverado classic

    2007 Chevrolet 2500 hd silverado classic
  18. Kentucky DuraMax

    New EGR Delete kits

    I also would like to get the prices on them ?